How to Register Your Vote

The Gallery with the voting booths
The Gallery with the voting booths

To begin with – you may have heard the expression to buy an election. Well, that’s what you can do here in the Fairelands when voting for the King, Queen and Chancellor.

Every vote costs a Linden. Or, to look at it another way, every Linden counts as a vote. So you could give one vote to your chosen candidate. Or you could drop … a rather larger sum to boost YOUR candidate. It’s up to you.

And there are two ways to vote:

Inworld Voting
Kiosks for all the candidates have been set up in one of the beautiful underwater art galleries in Poseidons Abyss at this location. Or you can swim down to vote – giving yourself a chance to explore the amazing underwater wold created by Haveit Neox. There’s even an underwater walkway to guide you if you get lost!

Voting for The Chancellor
Voting for the King

You can vote inworld right up to the end of the first hour of the First Fantasy Faire May Masked Ball!

Voting on the web via Convio
We also have our version of postal voting. You can vote via the convio page for Fantasy Faire.

The Fantasy Faire Convio
The Fantasy Faire Convio

In the second section, (2. Your Gift) fill in the private note section (as shown in the illustration below) with details of who you are voting for and – if you are voting for more than one candidate – which proportion of your vote you want to give to each candidate – as in the example shown.

Voting via Convio
Voting via Convio

As the convio updates slowly, we have to treat convio votes like postal votes and impose an earlier deadline.

So – the voting by convio will CLOSE at 11:59 SLT on Thursday 30th April. After that, you can still donate – but your vote may not be counted!


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