Ala, the Priestess

Ala, the Priestess
Ala, the Priestess

Alia, the Priestess

Some say that in her native land, Ala was the Queen — but she surrendered her crown because of her love of magic.

Her father was a powerful ruler of many regions. He chose as his favourite wife an alusi, one of the supernatural forces that guard human lives. From their union came Ala, but no sooner was she born than her mother faded into sand that was caught up by the wind and blown away.

Ala was raised by her father to be his heir, but from her earliest days she was fascinated by magic. It is said that when she was still a child, she enchanted a snake that would have bitten one of her baby brothers (born to a lesser wife). The snake became wrapped around a sapling, and was fixed there. The high priest ordered that the sapling be cut down and given to Ala as a wand.

Despite her father’s efforts, Ala grew up to be the most powerful magician in the land. The priests set before her the possibility of growing yet stronger by study. If she would give herself to the priesthood, they would teach her all they knew.

Ala held this a price worth paying. She renounced her claim to the throne and gave herself to study instead, so that to her natural gift was coupled with a deep and wise understanding. Her thirst for greater knowledge grew, so that she travelled the lands, studying and learning from all peoples and all recorded knowledge.

When Princess Flora was born, the Bard Queen summoned Ala and instructed her to teach the Princess all she knew of magic in all its rich hues.

You can also read this page as part of an online book here.


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