Hints and Guidelines for the Hunt

The Lost Land is more than a hunt – it is an unfolding story, and you are one of the principal characters! To help you play your role to the fullest, here are some hints and suggestions to start you on your way.

The HUD and Getting Started

There are two versions of the HUD available, one priced at L$250 and one at L$350. Both operate exactly the same way inside the hunt; the L$350 version will also give you a costume to let you be more “in-character” as you seek to come to the assistance of Princess Flora. And it’s yours to keep as a memory of the Faire and the hunt; so why not treat yourself to the full package – remember 100% of all payments go to RFL of SL. It will also help you recognise other Hunters – and you can help each other!

The Kiosk and the Costume - photograph by Inara Pey
The Kiosk and the Costume – photograph by Inara Pey

When you have purchased your HUD package, wear it. When you do so, it will automatically unpack and create a folder in your Inventory called FF2015 The LostLand Hunt. When it has done so, you can detach the HUD package and then wear your hunt HUD (and your costume, if you purchased the special edition of the HUD).

Wearing your HUD will deliver instructions on how to use it, please read them, as they will answer many of your questions.

Game Play Guidelines

Part 1: Find the Orbs and Save the Champions

Your first task in the HUD is to seek out the Bard Queen in Fairelands Junction and receive her instructions. If you prefer, a landmark in the HUD folder of your inventory will teleport you directly to her presence.

Part of the Bard Queen’s story will be told through videos displayed in your viewer via a screen provided by your HUD. If the videos do not start automatically, click the screen. If they refuse to run, use the links in chat to watch them on YouTube (please do not share or embed links to the videos in blogs!)

The Hud - showing a video
The Hud – showing a video

Sometimes you will need to click on someone AFTER a video as well as before it, so that they can give you an additional clue (such as how to find the Book of the Champions).

Champions are to be found across the Fairelands (although not in any shops). The Bard Queen will direct you to the Book of Champions, which will in turn help you locate each of the Champions. Some might be close to a sim’s landing point, others you may have to seek out.

Touch a Champion to interact with them, and it will display a dialogue box – be sure to check all of the options displayed, as there might be some special surprises!

Make sure you give them a ring via the dialogue box in order to gain a clue to find their orbs.

Each orb is located in the same sim as its Champion (but again, not in any of the shops). When you have found the orb, return to the Champion and give it to them to receive a prize.

The Hud - photograph by Inara Pey
The Hud – photograph by Inara Pey

You can visit the Champions and seek their Orbs in any order you like, so long as you find and return all 10 orbs to them

When you have found and returned all ten orbs, return to the Bard Queen to commence the second part of the hunt


Part 2: Help the Princess

This takes place in Ravenshold and will engage you in puzzle-solving

Clues to all the puzzles will be spoken in text or can be found in Ravenshold – so look around you carefully and pay attention to everything that is said!

Some of the puzzles are HUD-based, and sometimes the HUD can go wrong. If this happens, reset the HUD using Options > Reset HUD – this will not reset your hunt progress


Other things to note

You can stop playing the hunt at any time and remove the HUD – your progress is automatically saved for you, so you do not have to do the entire hunt in one go.

If you don’t pick up a gift from a champion, or at the end of Part 2, you can return to receive the prize at any time.

When you complete the hunt, you can use Options > Reset Hunt and have another go, if you like.

Many thanks to Inara Pey
for testing the Hunt and supplying these notes


5 thoughts on “Hints and Guidelines for the Hunt”

  1. the hunt was a great experience! i was just blown away at the quality of the builds on Ravenshold, the scripted gadgets, the puzzles, the whole thing just rawked. and gifts at the end too.. mind blown

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