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Erstwhile – picture by Wildstar Beaumont.

Sponsored by The Looking Glass.

Erstwhile (Marcus Inkpen/Sharni Azalee)
A close look here sees walkways, docks… a skyport in the bowl of an enormous crater, wrought from a technology so advanced that it will forever seem ancient. From here, merchants in scarabesque vessels ply their trade between the worlds, between realities. But step back; let the sunlight gleam from the opalescent hulls and they become as petals, the brass and iron of the walkways become stems, to the structures that hold it all together: a magnificent flower, shining in the crater’s embrace. In the middle of it all, a bright light streaks upwards, the connection to those other realities by which these ships journey to places as yet undreamed. This is the gateway of now. The launching off point for those brave souls that are truly ready for the future.

Shopping Catalogue


The Looking Glass (Location in Erstwhile)


Air (Location in Erstwhile)

*Amaranthus* (Location in Erstwhile)

The Annex (Location in Erstwhile)

Ashbourne & Co. Fine Jewellers (Location in Erstwhile)

Bliensen + MaiTai & Anteater Emporium (Location in Erstwhile)

[CIRCA] Living (Location in Erstwhile)

Cole’s Corner (Location in Erstwhile)

EED Home&Garden (Location in Erstwhile)

E.V.E (Location in Erstwhile)*

NEWCHURCH (Location in Erstwhile)

%Percent Furniture & Lighting (Location in Erstwhile)

Raven Bell (Location in Erstwhile)

Scrap (Location in Erstwhile)

[Seydr] (Location in Erstwhile)

SouthSide Modeling (Location in Erstwhile)

Stone’s Works (Location in Erstwhile)

SWANK & Firelight & StoraxTree &{ wren’s nest } & Zuri Jewelry (Location in Erstwhile)*

[][]Trap[][] (Location in Erstwhile)


A RFL of SL Event

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