Entries for the FilmFest Competition

These are the entries for the FilmFest Competition aka The Wafflies.

There are thirteen entries (each no longer than 5 minutes) in the fictional category, 3 entries (again, each no longer that 5 minutes (in the fictional category) and 3 in the Livestream category (10 minutes).

All of these films have been made on the Fairelands, and we’ve been thrilled by the quality of the results. There are strong and exciting stories, amazing special effects, some great acting … and no evidence of lag! We asked people to reflect the spirit of the Fairelands … and you can judge how well they’ve achieved that.

Prizes will be awarded by the judging panel, but one film in each category will win a People’s Choice Wafflie – which will be decided by YOU.

All the films are available on the Competition entry page, and they are also available below the line on this post.

To vote, go to the Stump Theatre on Fungalmire. Here you will find the Voting Board. Each film is listed according to its category, and you will see a picture from each film. Above each film is a RFL kiosk. You vote by dropping your Lindens into the film/s of your choice. You can vote for as many films as you link, with any amount of Lindens, but the vinners will be those films that raise the highest amount of Lindens.

So, remember the old saying – Vote Early and Vote Often!

And now for the films!

Section 1: Fiction

1. Fantasy Faire: Mansplained by Dorian Cao

2. Adventurers of the Mysts: 1/2 – A Fantasy Faire 2023 Film – Second Life Machinima by Mac’n Tease Tomato (Macguyver Mode)

3. Adventurers of the Mysts: 2/2 – A Fantasy Faire 2023 Film – Second Life Machinima by Mac’n Tease Tomato (Macguyver Mode)

4. Bottled Hope Fantasy Faire 2023 by Killlashandra Lavendel 

5. Golem Trouble: A Witch’s Quest – Fantasy Faire 2023 Film Festival by Godiva SL

6. Vikings: A 2023 Fantasy Faire Film by KinGz 49 of PoTaTo Productions

7. Coming Home by Caitlin Tobias


Section 2: Factual

1. The Fantasy Faire 2023 by Caitlin Tobias

2. BToS Productions Presents Dreams Stars Magical Tail by Mistic Galateas

3. BToS Production Presents Dream Stars at TerpsiCorps ARTWerks by Mistic Galateas


Section 3: Streaming

1. Relay For Life of Second Life 2023 Relay Rap at Fantasy Faire by Bain Finch and Jara
NB Start viewing at 8 minutes and 12 seconds (for 15 minutes)

2. 0.o ¡Ouyea! Shamanic Vision – Sound & Vision – Fantasy Faire Festival by Koscho
First 15 minutes

3. Los pasos prohibidos en un místico barco volador – Fantasy Faire Festival by Koscho

A RFL of SL Event

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