Ardessa Sponsor – Emerald Hurst

Emerald Hurst – Sim Sponsor for Ardessa.

Emerald Hurst is based in the year 2020. A time when the world struggled to co-exist. Scientists came up with an idea to make the ultimate social experiment by creating a simulated earth placed in the medieval era.

They would random choose people from all over, this making it possible to have someone suddenly from Germany or the rain forest as your neighbor. Where you came from does not matter. What you do once you arrive could change everything.

The idea behind the experiment was to see how society react to being placed in a world with limited resources. Would they come together to evolve or would they continue to break down.

Each player arrives with one item (of their choice) in their pocket placed by the scientists. This is to see what they would do with their items. Players are also to choose a profession they had before entering. A plumber could one day evolve the world into having running water if the right items were to enter the simulation. Players are put into the proper clothes and set off on their own in a world unfamiliar and lack of resources. They retain their memories and knowledge, so looking for the nearest Wal-Mart in Emerald Hurst is common.

What would you do? …. Survive or Die?

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