[A] Fallen Gods Inc. Alia Baroque

** STORES **

[B] Faida Titania Halasy

Velvet Whip (with Faida) Reeva Hax

[C] Spyralle Kerryth Tarantal*

[D] MacMoragh & Muse AineMari Flanagan & Fenn MacMoragh

[E] !!!Safe Waters Foundation!!! GraceSWF Wrigglesworth*

[F] Yabusaka & Friends Yabusaka Loon

[G] Wasabi Pills MissAllSunday Lemon & Rouge Darcy

[H] Material Squirrel Kala Bijoux

[I] Rivendale Irriven Resident

[J] Ankle Biter Yuna Yuadl

[K] Balderdash Saiyge Lotus

Frippery (with Balderdash) Elizabeth Tinsley

[L] Living the FantaSea Corkie Houston

[M] Zohee’s Mermaid Designs Zohee Goldshark

[N] anc Ltd. aki69 Resident

[O] Evie’s Closet Evangeline Miles

[P] Bare Rose June Dion

[Q] forest feast mikatsuki Matova

[R] SOS – Sera’s Oceanic Supplies Serafin Galli


* Event Sponsor


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A RFL of SL Event

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