Critter Spoilers

The revealed Critter Parade pictures will be posted here, so if you like to search for them on your own, the whole page is going to be one huge spoiler!

The first critter can be found in Fairelands Junction, on one of the boats near where you can light candle luminaries. Critters always come to pay their respects to the spirits, even though they can’t light luminaries on their own. (Fire scary, paws bad for match usage.)

The Critter Parade 2c

The second critters can be found in The Light of Va’loth, where they’ve climbed on top of a store to better see the wonderful light lady. They’re quite convinced that there must be a hoard of nuts at the spot where the light hits. If not, maybe the nice light lady would help them, she’s certainly better than a flashlight!

Critter Parade 3 Complete

Third critters can be found in Midas, farming carrots –well, one carrot — and enjoying amazing waterslides! The whole region is one big critter spa with waterslides and green plants and flutterby friends, bunlings are very pleased.

Critter Parade 4 Complete

The fourth critter is a bookworm doggie, enjoying Trollhaugen’s atmosphere. He reports it gives +5 to reading speed! He also says there’s something enchanting in reading together with the grid’s biggest literature fan!

Critter Parade 5 Complete

The fifth critters are bunlings who wandered into Thornfast to look for a good critter hotel. It’d be nice if it had clean under-couches and a carrot farm, maybe even a waterslide spa! Who knows, maybe they found it.

The Celestial Plain Explorer Complete

The sixth critters found a nice spot near the waterfall in The Celestial Plain and have been going oooooooo there ever since. There’s sparklies ‘n flowers ‘n fresh water ‘n water flowers ‘n pretty things allover!

Critter Parade 7 Complete

The seventh critters found their way to Sanguinely Garden, and were delighted by meeting so many new friends, that they never managed to leave the region. They’re still there, admiring fairy dancers, hugging bears (despite warning signs), having tea with gorilla, tending gardens and hopping under the rainbow.

A RFL of SL Event

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