Critter Spoilers 2020

The revealed Critter Parade pictures will be posted here, so if you like to search for them on your own, the whole page is going to be one huge spoiler!

Drifts Explorer Complete
The first critters are resting by the refreshing waters in the Drifts on Anamnesis, surely planning to go to the next LitFest Region Tour! Or possibly scribble poems about carrots.

Elemaria Explorer Complete
The second critters did some rock-climbing in Elemaria, just to get a better view!

Critter Parade 2020 - Melusina's Depths

The third critters managed to find a fancy floaty ball that they’re planning to privateer to sail to the BIGGEST WATERSLIDE EVER! They’re dreaming of whoosh-splashing in Melusina’s Depths.

Critter Parade 2020 - Agra Adara
The fourth critters had found amazing climby trees with the best view in Agra Adara, and are taking a break from their busy Faire schedule and questing with some acorns.

Critter Parade 2020 - Heliodor Explorer
The fifth critters found a beautiful little brook with fields and growing noms allover in Heliodor!

Critter Parade 2020 Autumnium Explorer
The sixth critters performed a potential nut-check in the trees of Autumnium.

Sirens Lore Explorer Complete
The seventh critters admired giant lady statue in Sirens Lore, wondering if she’d play ball.

A RFL of SL Event

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