Chapter 2 Update Instructions

Thank you for taking part in our Fairelands Quest this year, The Lair of Lantoris.

To get your update please visit any of the landing points, the HUD update will be next to the original Quest HUD vendors. Just click it to get your free update. Open the box you received.

The contents of the folder you receive from the box replace the contents of the folder from your original Quest purchase, and adds two new attachments.

You should detach and delete the following three items from that original folder:

FQ19 Lair of Lantoris Quest HUD {C1}
FQ19 Lair of Lantoris Magic HUD {C1}
Fairelands Quest : Planty Companion

(If you purchased the Deluxe edition, be sure not to delete your special outfits.)

Once you have removed the old items, you can either copy all of the items in this update folder to that original folder and wear them, or just wear/add the contents of this new folder as they are, to play the rest of the Quest.

For those who have finished Chapter 1, we are sending you back to the Bard Queen to review the video in which she describes the second, more dangerous mission. Then you will continue on to Chapter 2.

If you have any problems or questions, please contact Aisling Sinclair or Wolf Hartnell.

A RFL of SL Event

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