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LitFest Tour: The Company’s Choice

Party of the Company of Faire Folk touring J’adoube

The Company of Fair Folk has been touring the Fairelands since the start of the Faire, and tomorrow, at 5pm SLT, we will be visiting our 21st and final Faireland – by tradition, the Quest Region – The Seventh Valley.

But before that, at 10am SLT, we are planning to offer a chance for the Company to ride/walk/fly/swim/slither to visit a Faireland that has won a special place in their hearts – whether that place springs from love, awe, fear or bewilderment!

The Company of Faire Folk take a well-earned break in the cafe on J’adoube

So there is a poll for members of the Company to vote on. You will need to be a member of the company to access it – You can join the inworld Company of Fair Folk group (which is free, and will give you details not just of our Faireland Tours – but also those ones that we are planning for the off-season too!).

The poll will close at 8 am on Sunday 9th May.

LitFest Tour Wednesday 28th April 2021 – 5 pm slt: A’Dracunas

The Company of Faire Folk rides out! Or walks, flies or (consults notes) swims  – as is your preference. Our Tour today takes us to the dark nest region of A’Dracunas created by Luna Barak and Alrunia Ahn.

What awaits the curious visitor inside this gigantic nest? As you explore the myst-hidden ground, popping sounds of hatching eggs fill the air. Does something slither around your ankles or is it your imagination? Is it friend or foe?

A Dracunas intro banner
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=|A Faire Story|= Beyond the Veil . . .

“For this is a tale
A song without fail
Where magic and mystery go

Come close and you’ll see
If you harken to me
What starts in the trees
And is bestowed upon thee . . .”

Her name was Sa’Gabliyne and she was a curious Fae – as were all of her kind, but she was the curiousest of all. She was never content to only play in the leaves and flit about in the sun with the other Fae and magical creatures of the forest. Oftentimes Sa’Gabliyne could be found a the very edges of the veil that kept their world hidden from that of Mankind.

She would sit there and watch the humans playing and moving in and out of large square structures. They even brought food and other items into them and would come out empty handed. Perhaps it was a magical device? What else could it be, for those structures also seemed to multiple the humans, and even changed their appearance. If only she could try it for herself she could figure out its magic.

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Monday at the Theater?

CCC – Centauria Cheer Crew

Monday has arrived and we all seem to have survived the first weekend of the faire I hope you all had the time of your lives partying and exploring.

At the Performance sim, we are not taking a break just because its a Monday. We have 5 shows coming up ready to keep you in a happy Faire mood to ease you into the week.

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