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A Sincere Thank You From The Roleplay Section


Another roleplay season at the Fantasy Faire has come to an end, and I’d like to thank everyone for their amazing stories, for the wonderful classes, for the love and the joy that you all brought to the Faire this year. It’s still not quite over, but I wanted to let you know what you all have done for those in need. The Roleplay section this year has raised 773,401.00L or 3070.54 American dollars! To all of the wonderful people who have attended our events, I hope that you were entertained by our magical tales, and enlightened by our classes. We humbly thank you for being there with us and contributing to this worthy cause. You all are amazing and we hope to see everyone again next year!

With much gratitude,
Stevie Basevi

The Sindarin Mystery Is Solved!

The Search
With the Ice Queen captured the Court returns to Va’loth for the story isn’t over. The Ice Queen, held in magic manacles, and the traitors must be tried, but more importantly, the sword must be found and returned to its rightful owner. The cursed Pixie continues her attempts to free herself. The poet injured and cursed lays senseless at the foot of the throne.

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The Bubo Owls Travel Under Water!


The Bubo Owls were apprehensive about their journey today. They would have to travel the seas below where monsters, ghosts, and traps lurked. And the existential horror that their final destination had driven the last Goblins mad. Worse, they could not go with any of their Guardians. They had to rely on their own cunning, and the friendships they had formed with other Fairelanders.

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An Icy Day In Va’loth For The Sindarins

It seems that other forces are in play… After the Court adjourns secret meetings take place. The Unseelie Queen of Ice meets with the Pixie. The Pixie seems transfixed though struggles against unseen magic. With there forced gathered they confront the Sindarin Queen and challenge her place on the throne.

The Queen, having been concerned with growing dangers and the loss of the Sword of Kings at first finds this almost amusing. Who is this Ice Queen? Why do those who accompany her appear more bewitched than loyal from their hearts? These questions and more stream through her in a river of thoughts. It doesn’t take long before she considers the challenge valid and a likely consequence of recent events.
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The Bubo Owls Search Takes an Interesting Turn!

The Djinn Remembers

The Djinn thanked his friends for rescuing him again, and he shared more of what he had remembered. He had once been visited by many people who would offer him treasures and offerings, and in return he would grant them boons such as renewed health. But one day he had been taken by a greedy goblin who put him in the crystal lamp, tearing him from his magical fountain. He lost his memories and his powers.
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The Sindarian Queen Returns To Light of Valoth

While there is rejoicing that the Queen is once again to sit the throne, tensions remain high as the Queen’s Sword of Kings still has not been found. There are hundreds of administrative issues to be done and the Voice of the Queen is busy updating the Queen. Counterfeit coins, and unease about rumors of swords are troubling. There are even rumors that the Kings Sword have been split asunder.

Return of the Queen

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