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Chronicles of Adair: Twilight Spring

When Mistress Lolth, blessed be Her name, pulled me from my tomb in the Underdark and charged me with infiltrating the Faire through Her daughter’s temple, I didn’t quite imagine this. Sure, the place was black and purple, as befits any Drow deity—but the light.


Oh, the light, and how it burned! There was a giant gaping hole in the ceiling, for crying out loud! Continue reading Chronicles of Adair: Twilight Spring

The Sindarian Queen Returns To Light of Valoth

While there is rejoicing that the Queen is once again to sit the throne, tensions remain high as the Queen’s Sword of Kings still has not been found. There are hundreds of administrative issues to be done and the Voice of the Queen is busy updating the Queen. Counterfeit coins, and unease about rumors of swords are troubling. There are even rumors that the Kings Sword have been split asunder.

Return of the Queen

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A Bad Fall Towards The End For The People of Sanctuary

Oh, what a day our adventurers had. After finally compelling Ahanu to open the last door, our group fell head first into its next adventure. Literally! The tunnel went straight down after the door, dropping them to a new level. There they encountered an entire army of hell spawn trying to burn their way through the adventurers, who fought valiantly and through strength and determination, eventually prevailed. After that excitement, they were in high spirits as they found the remaining three gems fairly quickly. They were rather surprised, however, as out of nothing, Tiamat appeared – She whom they had fought only days ago at Sanctuary, and thought they had killed. Evidently not.


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The Bubo Owls Attempt To Raise Bail

Jail and Bail

The Bubo Owls called on their allies around the Fairelands to pay off their fines to the Goblins, to free Cale Firesong, and to keep Itsyll imprisoned. However, it soon turned out that Itsyll was just tricked by the Unweaver in the guise of the Barde King. She returned the Djinn known as Crys and so the Fairelanders instead opted to raise her bail too! Soon the Djinn had joined in the celebration as the Bubo’s and their allies had raised a total of 101,762 between the two kiosks!

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News From Light of Valoth: The Queen of Sindaria’s Sword Is Still Missing & She’s Fallen Ill!

The party has ended. The Sword of Kings is gone, but worse, the Queen is failing from the loss of its magic. She has withdrawn from Court. The Court itself is in shambles. The concern for the Queen and the loss of such a treasure is of paramount importance.


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Follow the feeling

All through the fairelands the strains of music could be heard. It was more than the tuneful warbling of birds, though of course, that was ever present, especially up near the eaves.
“Eaves dropping…” Lore mumbled, her gaze drifting along the sweeping arches of stone.
“Dropping eaves… Dropping leaves…” turning she peered through the halflight to the shaded interior of the nearest tree.
“Come out, come out, wherever you are.”

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Visit the Worldlings!

When Junction calls and selects the worlds to be her companions, she picks the ones that complement each other, the ones that form a unity together. But among all these worlds of magic and enchantment, she also notices small sparks, seeds of worlds: ideas, concepts, dreams. Worldlings. She pulls some of them into her embrace, gently harboring them for the Fairelanders to see, for the Worldlings to grow from the flow of inspiration around them, from the heartbeat of the Fairelands.

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