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Chronicles of Kratz: The Bazaar Dungeon, Part II


Nadja’s Note: This report is a continuation of Kratz’s chronicles of The Bazaar Dungeon. Please read Part I before proceeding.

When we last left off, Kratz had just discovered the chamber holding the three elemental gems: the Jug of Wind, the Sword of Water, and the Book of Earth. Now a new set of discoveries awaits him…

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Chronicles of Kratz: The Bazaar Dungeon, Part I

What? “That looks nothing like you, Kratz”? Well, just keep on reading.

When Adair mentioned there was a bizarre dungeon at the Faire, I must’ve had a big ol’ glob of gunk in my ears because I surely hadn’t imagined this. Oh, it was bizarre, all right. Bizarre in that there were too many traders and Fairelanders running about loose and not enough cages.


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A Flotilla in Astrid’s Nemeton!

Taking to the waters of Astrid’s Nemeton!

Yesterday’s LitFest Tour Extra saw the tourers take to boats to explore the waterways and waterfalls of Astrid’s Nemeton!

We climbed some peaks and encountered some intriguing animals too …

What will we find when we dive beneath the waves in Fairelands Junction at 5pm SLT today?

Taking to the waters of Astrid's Nemeton!
Taking to the waters of Astrid’s Nemeton!

Thanks to Gwaloth for the photos!

Chronicles of Adair: Pools of Ethuil


Nadja’s Note: This report and image were found half-buried in the ground in front of one of the gates in Ardessa. The degree of wear and tear on the pages suggests that it has been left in the elements for several days, if not a week. Its author appears to be nowhere in sight, but search and rescue efforts will continue.

Dear readers, I thank you for bearing with me as I finally make my way to the Faire. Something strange has come over me. I was barely able to make it out of my bed this morning, even though today is the day that I tour the Pools of Ethuil. It must have something to do with that strange augury I had several days ago and the resulting bump on the nape of my neck…

In any case, I owe the deepest gratitude to Vedika for getting into the Fairelands first and sending me her report on Aetherea. Without her, Team B’Nansa wouldn’t even be on the map, in a manner of speaking! Ha, yes!

Well, I should be happy that Vedika is out there rallying for the cause, should I not? Just because it was not I who first set foot on the Fairelands should make no difference, should it? It’s not as if I’m trying to prove anything to anyone or hoping to see my name written in the skies by cheering masses of Unweaver survivors.

No, that would be silly, not to mention incredibly vain! I can’t believe it even crossed my mind. Curse that Kratz for even suggesting that I joined this relay for life only to restore the B’Nansa name!

We are rallying for the cause. That’s all there is to it. WeThe Cause.

And we, Adair, are going to see legendary Elven territory today.

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Great News From Severina – April 28th The Princess Is Found!

Belial has a habit of turning back up like a bad penny, and death didn’t stop him yet again. He came back after his battle with the Shade Draco Lich, and was right there in the safe chamber, calling down the hoards of THINGS in the prison, and generally being an all around villain, trying to keep the Princess Stevie from being rescued.

Belial back on his throne again, with Morgan and Slay most displeased by this.

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Live Auction 2 – 4 PM SLT

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Our traditional Live Auction takes place 2 – 4 PM SLT at The Story Well today! Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley will be the auctioneer, the auction will be live on Fantasy Faire Radio’s stream, and bidding will happen through SL text chat.

We will auction off pieces of this year’s Fairelands, including the full sim builds of Erstwhile and The Halls of Story!

There is also The Golden Tree Garden from Aetherea, Waffle Machine & Waffle Mountain and the Wootberry Dance Vat from Tiny Town, the sentinel statue complete with the bar area under it from The Bazaar Dungeon,  the sponsor store from Pools of Ethuil, Monsters’ Lair Statue, Dreaming The Story Well and Children with Crayons Diorama from The Story Well, The Warden of Time one of a kind statue from Athenaeum Arcana, Severina Guardian, Jail and Gondola combo from Fairelands Junction, The Nienna Fountain from Willows of Nienna and the Forest Keep Jails and Pond of Hope from Falls of Hope.

There will also be all the Cool Buses from 2013 to 2018, the Worldlings made by Krystali Rabeni, Bryn Oh and Grace Loudon, and Designing Worlds Show.

Come get your very own unique piece of the Fairelands to take home!

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The Story Well Story

Picture by Caitlin Tobias.

The Story Well sim story, Fantasy Faire 2018

The Story Well

There’s a little island in the middle of the vast sea. It emerges from the water like some verdant whale back of enormous dimension. Here, there are no cars, no electricity, not many conveniences… but there are walkways to follow, and other paths not so well defined, which are the preference of children. They make good use of the trees for their games. They also skip into the galleries of paintings, because everyone on the hill seems to love pictures, and there are no doors to prevent curious children from enjoying these.

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