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Neo Chronicles of Adair: Kratz’s Wild Night, Part I

This is Kratz.

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Kratz doesn’t know about you, but he’s had a rough Faire, and as much as he enjoys the Somniator’s company, he’s very much looking forward to returning to his little slice of heaven down in the Underdark.

However, before he picks up what little is left of his pride and slithers back into the shadows, Kratz has a cautionary tale he would like to share with you. Isn’t that right, Kratz?

“Actually, no. I regret nothing. NOTHING!”

Don’t mind him. He’ll come around.

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An Alien in Somniatoris Arx

From Davi:

I keep changing. I’m always changing. I have been a Romani traveller, I have been a forest elf, I have been so many things over the last decade, and yet that feeling of home, that sense of a place that grounds and anchors a being, has never been mine. I am long removed from the travelling life, yet I am still a traveller. Now, I move down different paths. Sometimes even time seems like just another road. But there are few places that combine both breath-stealing beauty and carefully crafted distance the way that Somniatoris Arx does. 

The feeling of being small
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Shahara’s Secret

Shahara, the dragon that carried the original party ship The FaireChylde for many years, decided to retire earlier this year, and she has been hanging out by the new amazing party ship fleet that still carries the proud name of The FaireChylde.

We completely assumed that after all these years she was simply tired of working all the time and wanted to enjoy the Faire like all the other Fairelanders do, but recently there’s been some visible cues to possible other reasons.

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Before the Ball in Isles of Tarrin

Amid the magic crystals

We planned to attend the Faire’s glamorous masqued ball, but truth be told, large gatherings are making me a bit anxious these days. Of course, there are many satellite parties, so the Fairchilde was our choice for later in the evening. It only made sense that I spent my day before the ball in the lovely airborne Isles of Tarrin.

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Blogger Highlights II

We’re on our twelfth Faire day, and our bloggers have been busy! For easy visual pretty pictures browsing one can see their work either in our flickr-group, or in the #blogposts channel in Fantasy Faire Fans discord server. For more detailed checking of which store was blogged where, I recommend going here.

It is impossible to feature all of their work, but I wanted to showcase one of my favourite forms of blogging: creating characters matching the Fairelands. In these pictures the bloggers have used Faire review copies to make a look perfect for a Faireland, and then took pictures there, creating stories in pictures.

In the Forests of Valhall
Magnolia Masquerade (janainadouarte) created a soft view of Frigg, Odin’s wife, wandering the forests of Valhalla.

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