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Parting the Mysts

There is a magical time, every year, when worlds collide, from all different planes of existence. Reality is such a distorted thing, but sometimes a vision so clear comes about, that with enough thinkers, believers, dreamers, something forms.. It starts as a small grain, and quickly mudslides into something substantial. It is reality enough, though some would debate on that, when these realms are born in true manifestation.

Some don’t think much on it, and visit and behold these wonders. They don’t feel like they are stepping into someone’s head, or see that one place really has elements of places gone and past.

There are those that weep, for these new lands, they come from a familiar place, even though the magic only brings it for a short while.

For some it brings hope, hope of another day, week, month.

Others get to run again, stretch legs that actually function, have long flowing hair that waves in the wind and is the colour of cotton candy. A few sprout wings and fly for the first time, while friends take to the seas, flipping their fins. Some become something else, something not human, but that is okay, because all are welcome.

When the magic is alight, and the mists finally part, everything is finally possible, even if for a short time.

Fantasy Faire Official Website Post - Parting the Mysts

It takes many to part the mists, and make them ready for the Travelers. Zehtsreya is one of the many wardens, who holds the mystical powers needed to part the way and make it clear. She bridges the divide on Queensgarden.

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A Fairelands Journey: Siren’s Lore

Fantasy Faire 2020: Siren’s Lore

Our first view of the Fairelands – both our goal and the true start of our journey – came as our vessel approached the Isle of Shadows. It was perhaps not an auspicious start to our pilgrimage: the masts of sunken ships lay scattered amongst the rocky teeth that broke the surface of the waters leading to the inner bay; but our Captain assured us that the route to anchor was known to him, and as the clouds parted, our spirits lifted at the sight of the great vessel floating among them, held aloft by the form of a great dragon – Fairechylde!

Of course tales of this great flying ship had reached our homelands – where many considered it little more than a myth – but to see it now and after so long at sea, renewed our spirits, and we gathered on the deck as our ship slowly drifted into the bay, its anchors breaking the surface of the waters. Boats were lowered, and we were carried ashore aboard them, the entire crew eager to climb the ladders and steps that passed up through the raised hull that formed the moorings for Fairechylde, eager to avail themselves of the sky-ship’s welcome.

As much as we felt the same wish, and to seek the great caverns rumoured to be here, our path lay in a different direction. A guide awaited us on the the shores of the bay, ready to guide us onwards, across the high wooden bridge to where a stone path lay across the broken lands to where the high walls of our first destination lay, wreathed in afternoon mist.

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