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Interviews with Our Sponsors.

Meet Our Sponsors: meadowWorks

Garvie Garzo, the creator and owner of meadowWorks.

Garvie Garzo, the creator and owner of meadowWorks, has returned to sponsor the Faire and has also created the statues decorating The Rose. She speaks of her work, her creations for the Faire and her own spectacular Faire-transformations. 

This is your second year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to return and do it again?

Not doing so was unthinkable!

Do you have favourites among your creations or do you love them all equally? Are there themes that you’re more fond of than others, themes that you keep adding to?

I had some issues with a couple of them lol, so yes, I do have favorites. The Leaping Faun sculpture was a pretty joyous occasion from start to finish, (even the UV mapping). I have been wanting to make a dancing faun motif for awhile, so the excuse to have a pair wielding aloft Fantasy Faire emblazoned orbs was the perfect occasion. And the Lions, which were Alia’s idea/request were also a pretty sweet chore.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Lots of classical sculptures this time to go with The Rose’s Venetian theme… (and because he made me).

Some of these began as 3d scans, captured using photogrammetry which is just the coolest thing! That process, some brilliant software and a few very generous activist type geeks determined to make digital records of the world’s great art pieces allow people like me to truly borrow from the masters. There is a Centaur, Three Pretty Girls, Neptune and of course something to do with swans.

Last year in the Faire you galloped around as a fantastic golden centaur. That is very much what the Faire is all about, when such things become the new normal for all of us. How did the transformation take place? Do you have similar plans for this year?

The centaur idea was a complete steal from 2 fabulously pretty half horse half geishas who galloped past me at the start of the Faire. I really pay little attention to avatars generally, but sometimes you see these great, glorious gestures even. This year so far I have only had time to try some faun legs and some ballet dancing. I am hoping to attract the attention of those cute faun boys I guess.

Other morphologies may present themselves as I get more serious about shopping the Faire.

What are you looking forward to most this year in the Faire?

I’d like to go to more parties and events and meet more people than I usually do. Hell, I would like to go to allllll the parties and events and meet alllll the people

Thank you, Garvie, for taking the time to talk with us! Thank you for bringing life to the Fairelands in the form of your magical statues!

Fantasy Faire 2017 - The Rose - IV
The Rose – picture by Caitlin Tobias

Meet Our Sponsors: Faida, Kei Spot, Poliak’s Emporium & Velvet Whip

Titania Halasy, the creator and owner of Faida.
Keiko Zoon, the creator and owner of Kei Spot.

Titania Halasy of Faida, Keiko Zoon of Kei Spot, Robbyn Poliak of Poliak’s Emporium and Reeva Hax and Madmacit of Velvet Whip are friends who sponsor the Faire together this year. They share their reasons to support the Faire, their growth as creators, their love for fantasy and their favourite Faire memories.

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

Titania: I just love the idea of being more involved in such an amazing event. I could name a few people I lost, but I prefer remembering the ones I am lucky to still have on my side because cancer research is doing giant steps. If we are contributing even to an infinitesimal part of that, I can only be happy.

Keiko: One of the things I truly enjoy about creating is the amazing group of artists I have become close to over the years. The Fantasy Faire gives me the opportunity to collaborate and co-sponsor with some of my most favorite people!

Robbyn: Being part of such a large gathering is so much fun and to be able to do it with my family and friends this year makes it all that more exciting. Cancer has affected too many of my loved ones, both 2 legged and 4 legged, so to help raise awareness and funds in my virtual community is an opportunity i couldn’t miss.

Reeva & Madmacit: This is a great event for a much greater cause. After a couple of year as standard participant, it was time to step up a bit and give more.

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

Titania: It was the far 2008, which in SL it’s like saying it was the 80’s, when I started torturing prims and marveling at how they looked like objects I could use. Ideas and inspiration are easily found all around me, especially since I am surrounded by many creative people, and being able to actually make what I want is a wonderful feeling.

Keiko: I actually came to Second Life for a business meeting and my very first build was a model of one of NASA’s great observatories all in prims. Talk about geek! Three years ago I began learning 3D modeling which is an ever ongoing process. It is my artistic release. I can share the crazy stuff in my head and put it out here in this world for others to use and enjoy.

Robbyn: Wanting to create my own role play wearables and accessories… then furniture and clothing… i found using premade full Perm items wasn’t enough because I still couldn’t make exactly what was in my brain so I began the mind bending process of 3D modeling and fell in love with it. Inspiration comes from my role play environment and often times from real life treasures found while exploring.

Reeva & Madmacit: When it began difficult find things of our liking, related to roleplay & medieval fantasy, we thought to start making them by ourselves. It was so much fun, that after 4 years we’re still here creating stuff 😀 And inspiration comes from everywhere: from a roleplay situation in need of a dedicated prop, to a person searching something particular, to a sudden idea while watching a movie or reading a book.

 What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Titania: I am offering two gowns, and I hope they will contribute to the Faire or I will be forced to shred them. (Please buy them, they are 100% donations, save the gowns from a sad destiny)

Faida Artemisia - passione

Faida - Artemisia - nero

Keiko: Our sim is based on a Baroque Venetian masked ball. I play violin (well more fiddle!) and decided to do a violin/flute duet with original music.

Kei's Baroque Violin

Kei's Baroque Flute

Reeva & Madmacit: Something magic and something black 🙂

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Titania: The very first book I read was a fantasy novel, my father is a collector of fantasy and sci-fi books so I was lucky to be raised in a house full with treasures.

Keiko: I’m a fairy tale kind of girl. These kinds of books became my best friends as a child, and the attachment to this kind of magic has never left me.

Robbyn: Some of the most beautiful art I have seen is from the genre and I have enjoyed it all my life. It opens the portal to limitless imagination and the wildest of storylines… I think it’s the unknown that calls me to fantasy.

Reeva & Madmacit: We love fantasy, because there is no limit to your creativity! But regarding the first time… well, that was waay too much time ago to talk about it 😉

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Titania: I will never forget the emotion of being accepted as a creator the very first time. I was so overwhelmed by the efforts and the generosity of all the participants! I am already reveling in the same feeling this year, it’s incredible to see so many people selflessly involved! And of course, my hope is to see our past record broken!

Keiko: I cannot wait to see the designs of the sim builders and take a peek inside their imaginations. The sims are always gorgeous and creative and I am sure this year will be the same.

Robbyn: Of course my first year will always hold a special place in my heart, but I already know this year will be the icing on the cake 🙂 I look forward to bonding with current friends and making new ones, and of course, I look forward to all the shopping and art installations.

Reeva & Madmacit: No favorites, as every Faire is special, unique and different. This year we would like it to be even more special, with donations up to the roof!

Thank you, Titania, Keiko, Robbyn, Reeva and Madmacit, for taking the time to talk with us! Thank you for joining us and sharing your creativity with the Faire Folk!

Meet Our Sponsors: Rivendale

Riven (lrriven), the creator and owner of Rivendale, the sponsor and world-maker of Raven’s Perch.
Kaelis Ember, a world-maker of Raven’s Perch.

Riven (lrriven), the creator and owner of Rivendale, sponsors Raven’s Perch, the Faireland she built together with Kaelis Ember. Riven tells us how their collaboration worked out, what inspired Raven’s Perch’s rich lore, and reveals Auction sneak peeks!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

I have participated as a creator at the Fantasy Faire for many, many years. It’s always an emotional event for me that both celebrates life, and remembers those who are no longer with us. We are all coming together to support the fight against Cancer. This horrible disease has taken family and friends. With my genetic history, it could one day take me.

Last year I was honored to be Kae’s sounding board while she worked hard to put Serenity together. It was my first real glimpse at what the world builders go through to create their masterpieces. I even helped a little, creating her physics for the buildings. I realized as a watcher looking in that I could do so much more for the Faire, I could play a larger role and support it as I had never before done.

Raven’s Perch – picture by Riven.

You are also a world-maker and built Raven’s Perch together with Kaelis Ember. How did that collaboration work, who did what?

Well.. the idea for Raven’s Perch was rooted in a concept that Kae and I came to while we were wandering through last year’s Faire: Gothic Fantasy. She created a pinterest board and for the next year we pinned pictures we felt inspired by to it. When Elizabeth reached out to me to see if I was still interested in sponsoring, I immediately reached out to Kae. What followed was an entire night of us splitting the work and hammering out the lay out. We discussed in detail what the buildings should look like, referenced pictures, and I hand sketched the floor plans.

Kae is accustomed to building small, extremely detailed mesh. I build everything – from castles to furniture, sparkles and beyond. We decided that I would create the buildings. I also textured them. Kae is really good at forests. She chose the trees and paths and laid all that out. I fiddled with roses, moved things, and molded the land. She made the lanterns, the signs, and put in several hours saying not nice words to some rather stubborn ravens. She made one of the secret hideaways and I did the other two.

We work amazingly well together. Our ideas mesh and grow organically. We build off one another and aren’t afraid to can an idea if it isn’t feeling right. We did that a couple times. We literally live on opposite sides of the world. She is in Australia and I am in the US, Florida. To work together, one of us has to stay up late. So a lot of what we would do is build and leave presents for one another to find as we went along.

Raven’s Perch – picture by Riven.

How was Raven’s Perch born? What inspired it, what is its story?

I had this story brewing in my mind, guiding the way we were building. The mood, the key elements. Kae and I talked about it nearly every day and we knew that we needed to share it with everyone who came to visit so that they could have the same feelings we have about it. The perch wasn’t just another beautiful place.. it grew into a reflection of our mutual sorrow and our determination to keep going, no matter what comes.

Gwen Enchanted took my thoughts, my outline of the tale and breathed life into it. She captured the emotion I wanted conveyed, the whimsy and love. It really is a good read.

The most basic bones of the story lay in the friendship between the Lady of Roses; a mortal, and the Raven Queen; a fae. The story explores how their love changes one another. It is a gothic fairy tale so it does not have a happy ending but it is beautiful. It moves me. I am pretty sure it will move anyone who reads it.

Raven’s Perch – picture by Justen Tyme.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Well… I have been working so hard on Raven’s Perch that this year’s new items are going to be directly related to it. I am releasing the stores I built for sale to anyone who wants them but all proceeds from one of them will go directly to RFL. I also created a bunch of different low lag sparkle effects for the sim and have offered those for purchase. I re-textured the dragonfly wings I made last year as well. On top of that, I pulled a bunch of items I have made previously and dedicated the profits of their sale to RFL for this Faire. I do this every year.

For the live auction at the end of the Faire, we will be putting the lady in her crystal coffin up for sale. She is the center piece of the sim, a mutual creation between Kae and I, and is absolutely stunning to look upon.

In addition, if you complete the chapter hunt, there is also a keepsake at the end.

Raven’s Perch – picture by Caitlin Tobias.

Do you have a favorite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year in the Fairelands?

I have so many awesome memories. However.. there was this one world, all lovely stained glass suspended in the air over water. Its beauty made my heart ache. But aside from how pretty it was? Rhe ramps on it were also fantastic! I spent hours racing down them and flinging myself down into the water. Its sounds silly, but so many people joined me in the game that I made a lot of lasting friendships just from that one day of play.

I also met Kae at the FF of 2014. I was setting up my store and she wandered in. She told me that my work was lovely, but with more colorful words, and that began the start of a wonderful friendship. I couldn’t imagine not knowing her now.

Thank you, Riven, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you both for bringing us the gothic beauty of Raven’s Perch!

Raven’s Perch – picture by Caitlin Tobias.

Meet Our Sponsors: Ruins of Xenark RP Community

Xarek (BandxofxOrcs), the owner of Ruins of Xenark.
Angel (Angela Carling), Staff Member at Ruins of Xenark.

Xarek (BandxofxOrcs), the owner of Ruins of Xenark, and Angel (Angela Carling), one of the Staff Members at Ruins of Xenark, share with us the reason why Ruins of Xenark RP Community is sponsoring the Faire and talk about their roleplay community and their love for fantasy.

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

Angel: I came to Second Life in 2007 and have been involved in Fantasy Roleplay since that time, in some of the great early sims like Everwind and Mystara. My first Fantasy Faire was in 2012. I walked around staring in wonder the whole time. Especially Cerridwen’s build… looked like something straight out of Lord of the Rings.
Over the years, I spent more and more time at Fantasy Faire, to the point that last year I was there at the Opening Bell and stayed through the final hours.

In the last two years I have lost too many friends and loved ones to cancer. This year when the website first opened, I looked to see how I could get involved, saw the Sponsorship opportunities and thought….. “I can do that.” I’m not a creator or builder, but I am an active member of the Ruins of Xenark Roleplay Community and this is an excellent way to spread the word about it.

Ruins of Xenark Photo Contest Winners: Dinokrieg -‘A House Once Stood There’

Tell us about your roleplay community. What kind of world-setting do you have and what type of roleplay do you usually do?

Xarek: I don’t like to really label it. We are fantasy. That’s the best I can do. We mesh medieval with steampunk elements and magitek elements. We like to really explore the world and such. As long as things don’t look too sci fi or modern it’s generally acceptable. I hate going to a ‘fantasy’ sim and being told that I can’t have goggles or something because they didn’t exist in the 800s and blah blah blah. That sounds so boring to base everything as if it was on earth. Keep fantasy fantasy!

Angel: We have one of the most beautiful, up-to-date roleplay sims in Second Life. Don’t take my word for it, come and see it for yourself! We also have great staff and terrific players.

Are you planning to roleplay in the Fairelands?

Xarek: I do intend to check it out some.

Angel: I do plan to. I think it will be interesting to walk into the scene, not knowing the players OOCly or in character, not having preformed ideas about what to say or do……Improv Theatre at its best!

Ruins of Xenark Photo Contest Winners: Mysz – Steampunk Gem!

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

Xarek: Realistic stuff is boring. I like monsters and magic and being able to do fantastical things. I love telling stories and being a part of stories.

Angel: I am a huge fan of Lord of the Rings, and most of my reading is fantasy books. I find that many roleplayers are writers at heart. We love making stories, having adventures, crafting a well-written descriptive phrase. And most of my own roleplay is light hearted comedy, I love to laugh with my friends.

Do you have a favorite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year in the Faire?

Angel: Last year I took part in the Fae Parade and it was enormous fun! Definitely looking forward to that again. Oh… and…. yeah, shopping…. I will probably drop in to a store….. or twelve. There are a lot of monthly shopping events now, but Fantasy Faire has always been the one the creators wait for, and they roll out their best, most awesome new creations.

Thank you, Xarek and Angel, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for helping in bringing the Fairelands back!  

Ruins of Xenark Photo Contest Winners – Svenja 95 – Dragon Riding

Meet Our Sponsors: Kingdom of Steelwood

Max Arkala, the leader of the Kingdom of Steelwood.

Max Arkala (Maximillian Loon), the leader of the Kingdom of Steelwood, tells us about his roleplay community, why they decided to sponsor the Faire, how they roleplay at The Hill in the Fairelands, and reveals they will also have a presence in Sansar! Read more about their Faire roleplay and come join in!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

Greetings, it’s a pleasure answer to your questions. Thanks for having me here. Well, Steelwood is around now from almost 4 years. I saw the Fantasy Faire in the past editions so this year we decide, according with the admins and players, to take a look more closer to it, joining it . The sponsorship part came after this decision also thanks to the generosity of our players. I have also to say thanks to Stevie Basevi and the Fantasy Faire staff for the great job and help.

Tell us about Kingdom of Steelwood. What kind of roleplay community is it, what is its world setting and background story like?

We are a Kingdom that is based mostly on norse atmosphere , taking from it also some details for our RP. We are not a viking land, this is pretty sure , but at the same time the atmosphere of northern countries is easy to find in Steelwood.

Some building in Steelwood are made on the RL buildings in my town or close to it. I am north italian, and here it’s not hard to find an inspiration for buildings. The same landscape of Steelwood is all based on RL places and really detailed, with a particular care about the low lag and scripts and obviously details. Our roleplay has its own story and lore. We made all the story of the Kingdom that is easy to find on our website, but not all is public, players roleplaying, will discover more parts of it. We have warriors, rangers, healers , druids, shamans and many races like Lycans or fae or elves, humans… etc… also some races that are native in Steelwood, as the wolfmen called Ulfjalls. A really clear set of rules and the total absence of drama makes the sim really enjoyable for players of different ages. The Roleplay is mostly in free form, some players prefer to para-RP, others to RP more naturally, like a conversation. Then Dungeons with prizes, events In Character and tournaments complete all the sim. In other words a lot to discover in the 3 sims of Steelwood.

How is it like roleplaying in Fairelands? Tell us about the storyline there. Can visitors join into your roleplay?

Our roleplay in Fairelands is something of new, not connected with Steelwood lore. We decided to give to our players the occasion to Roleplay something of different during these ten days. This permits 2 things mostly. One, our players can relax trying something of new, and the second, everyone can join the roleplay without to know the lore or the rules of Steelwood. The Rp is a mistery story, a strange object appears in the sky and leaves all the presents to guess what it is. But this is just the start, ’cause a stranger will come in the town and will start to do incredible things, charming most of the citizens and leaving others with a lot of doubts. At this point two factions will raise, the pro and the against, and is easy to imagine how all this will end… The end anyway is fully open, there is nothing of scheduled, so each faction can be the “winner”, if we can define them in this way.

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I started to manage sims in SL more than 13 years ago, Steelwood is just the last one and till now the one that lasted more. Most of my sims were made for entertainment, like dances, clubs, or games. I made in 2010 a sci fi sim that lasted a couple of years, then I decided to switch on fantasy also ’cause I love to build and I wanted to try something of different. I’ve always loved the fantasy genre, just didn’t have the time for develop a game and a sim in Second Life. Steelwood is also present already on Sansar, the new platform from Linden Lab, so everyone will be welcome to visit it with the new stunning graphic of Sansar, when it will be open.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Till now we just did one roleplay and went pretty well, a part some technical problems that are perfectly natural in one event like this one. I am looking for go ahead with the roleplay and involve as many players is possible. Our players are really nice and friendly and I want to share this with the rest of the roleplay community. Steelwood is more than a sim or a game, is like a family and the success of it is thanks to players, admins and co-owner that in these years gave their time and money for it. I hope that this will be clear to the others when they will know us.

Thank you, Max, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for bringing your community to adventure and share their lives in the Fairelands!

Meet Our Sponsors: Abstract Soul

Methias Kira, the creator and owner of Abstract Soul.

Methias Kira, the creator and owner of Abstract Soul, shares with us his reasons to sponsor the Faire, talks about how he began creating in Second Life, and shows his Faire-wares!

This is your first year sponsoring Fantasy Faire. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

I have always had a deep love and appreciation for Fantasy Faire and their dedication towards working with RFL to raise money for cancer research, something which many of us are directly impacted by. I applied to be a sponsor the moment the applications opened because I believe very strongly in this event and its purpose!

How did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

I hope that my story can be inspirational to those who think they can’t build or create in SL.

I used to be someone who thought they couldn’t do anything, but all it took was some kind nudging from a few close friends to take a stab at building first (I’m an oldbie from 2006 originally) and then meshing much later.

Sometimes all you need is the right person to have confidence in you to find out that you actually can do, and enjoy something you never thought you would!

I started out originally doing prim torture, which eventually lead to the opening of Abstract Soul in 2010. I had a friend who could do tremendous things with the torus prim, and with a little guidance from him I was off to the races.

The desire to wow people with creative, and surreal items is what inspires me to create. I am a big fan of abstract art, psychedelia, and surrealism so the desire to contribute to the things I love is a strong force that drives me.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

I’ve got plenty of awesome stuff in store this year for the Faire! I’ve been working on a lot of wearable accessories lately, trying to bring more wearable magic to the world. Be sure to drop my booth to get a look at those.

I also worked really hard with Gretchen from FETCH this year on putting out a set of bento animated spider arms!

I’ve also got two big packs of magical decor for sale in my RFL vendors, here’s one of my RFL items! ❤

What calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I’ve enjoyed fantasy for honestly as long as I can remember. Going back to my childhood, I was always obsessed with the way that fantasy can enrapture your mind and whisk you off into worlds unknown and ripe for exploration. That desire to discover (and create) the magnificent and be a part of a grander world has definitely been a major calling for me.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

I do have a favourite Faire memory! The story of me and Fantasy Faire is actually one that I hold dear, and close to my heart. I was fortunate to have met the owner of Refined Wild way back in 2012 by chance in a sandbox, and he was such a fan of the work that I was doing that several months later he invited me to share a stall with him at Fantasy Faire 2012, and then again in 2013.

Khyle has always been one of my greatest supporters, encouragers, and to know that he has believed in me from the start continues to warm my heart.

Now, as a sponsor of the event he first invited me to, I feel a great sense of accomplishment that truly, I never expected would come.

Thank you, Methias, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for bringing your creativity to the Faire!

The Architect’s Playground, LEA exhibit of Methias Kira.

Meet Our Sponsors: Building Daydreams & Satyrs Moon

AineMari Flanagan, the creator and owner of Building Daydreams.
Vasa Vella, the creator and owner of Satyrs Moon.

AineMari Flanagan of Building Daydreams and Vasa Vella of Satyrs Moon sponsor the Faire together. They share their reasons to Relay, talk about their creation process and their favourite Faire-memories.

Aine sponsored the Faire last year, but this is Vasa’s first year. What made you decide to become a sponsor?

Aine: This year Teaming up with Satyr’s Moon – Vasa Vella, as event sponsors. Also adding The Jolly Tinker- Louen Couer as my awesome new builder who must be encouraged!

I offer space to one new person in my shop every year because that is how I got my start 9 years ago at Fantasy Fair. I worked with two of my friends Kittycat Ninetails ( Kittycats Creations) and Vasa Vella ( Yup Satyr’s Moon) as their “Helper-Muse” and made the occasional ” thing” that typically resulted in one of them picking it up and improving it. Sharing a shop with Vasa Vella this year feels like I have come full circle.

Vasa: This will be my ninth year at the Faire. Over the last couple of years I have been wanting to become more involved with the Fantasy Fair. It is always such an honor to be among such fantastic artists, and this year I wanted to do more, so when the opportunity came along, I could not pass it up.

Vasa, how did you begin building in Second Life? What inspires you to create?

Roleplay inspires me to build. It has always been my driving force, I would look around and say I need this, and could not find it, so I learned to build it. It was pointed out to me that it was silly for me to be able to build, and yet have to look like someone else wanted me to look, so I built my first Satyr Avatar (Out of prims). It has become my passion. To make them bigger, better, faster and less explodie.

Aine, is there any common theme in your creations, something that binds the items together, or are they all their separate entities?

This is why my shop is called Building Daydreams.
I just build whatever I imagine.
There’s no rhyme or reason for it anymore.
I create for the sake of creating.

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Vasa: This year I am going to limit my releases of Satyr parts (although I am going to be updating my avatars to include the Bento Nubby.) I plan on focusing more on accessories, war paints, of course a few new sets of horns, furniture and whatever else catches my fancy.

Aine: A Faire Memory Music Boxes, and Fantasy Lamps as a hunt gift.

Vasa, what calls you to fantasy? When was the first time you encountered the genre and realized you enjoyed it?

I have been into the fantasy genre since I was a small child. Luckily I had three older brothers who introduced me to the wonders of the worlds of our imaginations. I have been hooked ever since.

Aine, do you have favourite fantasy realms? 

I am a reader so some of my most favorite books are , pretty much anything ever written by Morgen Rich, Mercedes Lackey, Anne McCaffrey , Poppy Z. Brite, Gayle Greeno, Annie Bellet, Terry Pratchett, Brian and Wendy Froud and Holly Lisle.

Jim Henson Studios Movies-Whats not to love about Muppets?
I’m also part of two great organizations in real life, Amtgard Inc a group dedicated to the recreation of the Sword and Sorcery genre as well as educational aspects of both medieval and ancient cultures, and The Society for Creative Anachronism, or SCA, an international organization dedicated to researching and re-creating the arts, skills, and traditions of pre-17th-century Europe.

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What are you looking forward to most this year?

Vasa: Every year brings a new memory. My favorite moments of any Fair are the impromptu gatherings that just seem to happen in random places. Dancing in Alia’s rose fields. Playing on the stairway to heaven. Flash mobing the various sims in the wee hours of the morning when most folk have found their beds, and of course the after parties where we all get to unwind.

Aine: I have countless Faire Memories, the stories, the people, the feeling of true connections and a single minded purpose that the Fantasy Faire inspires in us all. That’s what inspires me and keeps me coming back every year.

Thank you, Aine and Vasa, for taking the time to talk with us. Thank you for being a part of the Fairelands again!

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