Merchant’s Guide to Bloggers

Greetings, o Makers of Fantastic Things!

This year we do not have obligatory blogger assignments, so there will be no set amount of bloggers for you to send your items to. We’re moving to a more voluntary system with challenges. This means that you do not have to give out review copies unless you want to. It also means that if you already have your own bloggers, you can also use just those if that suits you better.

However, we do have a blogger list for the event: they get into the early access on 30th and they are listed on the website with the type of items they would like to blog. If you are interested in sending out your Faire-wares to bloggers, read on.

Even if you’re not, pay attention to this part: please post pictures of your RFL items to — this will help us in making sure there’s more exposure to all of you.


The review copies may include anything you wish from your Faire-wares, but generally it’s recommended that they’d be the RFL items, so the bloggers can draw attention to those in their posts.

There’s two ways you can handle the distribution:

1) Check the bloggers from the lists and send your items to the bloggers you choose.

2) Place your review copy in a box in your booth with the included script: it will give the contents only to the members of the group.

We’re not picky on the method, go with what works for you.


We have an official blogger list here: Blogger List

We also have lists of various fantasy genres and item types:

Creatures of Light: elves, fairies, mermaids, fauns, petites.

Creatures of Dark: vampires, demons, other dark creatures.

Creatures In-Between: medieval, other historical, steampunk, Gor, neko, non-human shaped avatars.

Things for Men: for anything that requires a man avatar to blog it.

House & Garden: house, furniture, decor, plants, trees, landscaping.

Fun & Games: breedables, weapons, HUDs, poses & animations.


(Script included in the notecard sent in-world.)

To use the group only give script for review copies:
– Box your items, the script will give out only one item.
– Add the script to the box with the items-box.
– Set the box to FFC Fantasy Faire Backstage group.
– Done!


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