Blogger Posts 2020

These are the blogger posts of 2020, added gradually in from the posts that are reported with this form: please link to an actual post, not just to your whole blog. Thank you for being a part of the Fairelands!


Blooms of Hope

The Fiercest Storms

Come home to Fantasy Faire

The Stalker


Fantasy Faire 2020: The adventurer

Fantasy Faire 2020 Olivia

The song of the moon

The song of the sun


An intruder in the Shadows

Aerlinniel Vella  

Time to Get Serious – Elf Shamen

Training to be Held at Daybreak

In Memory of Mama: Why I Relay

The Mysts Clear Over Fairelands Once More

The Messenger for Queen

Message Arrives in Elemaria Queens

The Fae Join Queens Quest

Gaming room is ready for some Table Top Roleplay with the family

It’s raining tacos

Can’t they ever be serious

What magical world

Court of the Sea witch

Aleriah Huntsman

She may have a wild soul, but she’s a lover of simple things and quiet places

Don’t save up love like you’re trying to retire on it. Give it away like you’re made of it.

Alex Avion   

Lavender Demon

White Warrior Alex in Elemaria

Angelica Leiner  

Before Storm

Age of Centaurs


Harshlands for Fantasy Faire 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020 is Open

The Little Bat and Valkyr for Fantasy Faire 2020

Belle Epoque for Fantasy Faire 2020

Adeyakko and Air for Fantasy Faire 2020

Scarlet Fey, Bliensen + MaiTai and Petrichor for Fantasy Faire 2020

Ae, AtaMe, Kumiho, Trinity and Voodoo for Fantasy Faire 2020

Acios, Jinx, Malified and Soul for Fantasy Faire 2020

Analog Dog and God Mod for Fantasy Faire 2020

Aisha CKF, LBT, and Reliquary for Fantasy Faire 2020

The Annex, Folly, Rise Design and Zed for Fantasy Faire 2020

Astalianda and Poet’s Heart and more for Fantasy Faire 2020

The Looking Glass and The Olde Attic for Fantasy Faire 2020

Naminoke for Fantasy Faire 2020

I remember, with Color Alchemists for Fantasy Faire 2020


The library, decorating with Fantasy Faire 2020

Back from the woods

MTB, TSM and Stix for Fantasy Faire 2020

Sun and moon island, decorating with Fantasy Faire 2020

This turned out not to be so romantic as expected

Priestess of Atlantis

ET, LuluB and Malified for Fantasy Faire 2020

Time lord

Elven bride


My Faire lady

1001 Stories



Arti love     

Fantasy Faire for Relay For Life Icarus Falling

Why I Relay

Fantasy Faire for Relay For Life Welcome to the Faire

Fantasy Faire for Relay For Life The Faun Boy

The Fiend Prince

Fantasy Faire For Relay For Life: Quest accepted!

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life: New treasures

Fantasy Faire for Relay for Life – The little Mer boy

Clan of the cave boy

The universe renews itself

Bad omens rising

Bad omens II

Go get ’em, boy

Bad Omens III

The golden Cervitaur

But but it’s really ending tomorrow


Song of Aruath

Song of Aruleia

Log of Aruus-12


Living Petite Life

Flying Around and Guarding Fantasy Faire

Midnight rendezvous in the Queensgarden

To dance for the sultan

The Queens Healing Garden

Who says dragons can’t read?

These are my lands

Will you remember me

Teatime with fairies

Dinkie centaur princess at home in her woods

Saying goodbye to the Faire

Arya Braveheart 



Oasis of green


The hunter

A pirates life

Queen of ice

Queen of ice

Step back

Fantasy Island

I dunno

Get away from me

Magic and mahem


Dancing in the sand

A beautiful day for a wedding

The Forfax

A walk with friends


The sleeping fae

Ayria Grim 

Isle of Shadows

Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Spirit Valley of the Winds

Worlds within Worlds

We’ve taken Lamented Fence. Who next…

Forsaken Queens’ Garden

Aznana Shieldmaiden 

Fantasy Faire 2020 ~ Strong Together

Fantasy Faire 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020

Fantasy Faire ~ FlyGearz

Fantasy Faire ~ LitFest

Fantasy Faire Saturday

Fantasy Faire – The Quest

Fantasy Faire – Melusina’s Depths

Fantasy Faire – Mythical Beasts

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sometimes it’s about the journey

Something for the guys

Fantasy Faire This week

Fantasy Faire – All about the purple

Bambi Chicque   

Treasure Scour

Garden of Agra Adara

Memorial to Magic Hill

Kiss of the sun

A piece of heaven

Into the night

Lunafae whispers

Caravan of dreams, why I relay

Courage rules


Farewell Zodiac

Breezy Carver

Ain’t No Stopping Us Now!

A Moment to Thank and Bless All for

You better run faster to Fantasy Faire

Presenting Moonlitecat Creations MLCC

Reliquary Draconic Diadem Mask at Fantasy Faire

The Fantasy Faire is proud to present Part 1 of The Quest

Creative items for sale from Looking glass at Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire 2020 Still going on

Nods nods, I think I have it all


Day 115

Day 117

Day 129

Ceja Laval

Mother of Dragons

Secret Fantasy Hideaway

Dreaming of love in the Queensgarden

Defender of the Realm

Dance of the fairies in Lunafae

Feeling blue in Melasina’s Depths

A walk in the shadow of Fantasy

A silent prayer for RFL

Christa Thespian

The forest Sprite

Where’s my fairytail

Cinzia Barzane

Back to Fantasy Faire ✨

Running away from the enemy

Where are you Cynthia?

The temple

The wedding

Rewrite the stars

Clau Dagger

Fantasy Faire 2020 – Belle Epoque & The Looking Glass & The Olde Attic

Lulu@SUICIDE DOLLZ | Fantasy Faire – Lunafae SIM

Fantasy Faire: Aisha and Fairlands Junction Sim


Auxentios’ Pass War of the worlds

Engine Room: The Severed Garden


Fantasy Faire is back


Remember the Fantasy

Out in the wild

Freyja Nemeth




Fantasy Faire 2020 Wood Walker

Fantasy Faire 2020 The Faire Folk

Fantasy Faire 2020 Faewinged

Fantasy Faire 2020 The Duchess

Fantasy Faire 2020 A Farewell

Gwen Enchanted

Fate in Lamented Fens

Beltane in Lunafae with the amazing Catwoman

A conspiracy in Elemaria

Kitties And Bunnies And Bears!

Love letter

Why do you come to Sirens Lore

An orchard in Elemaria

Halfwraith Caerndow  

its almost here and now is here for

the source of her power

Rose Crystal Ballet

Fantasy Faire Reverie

Resting time, WLRP birthday round

Expanding universe – Fallen Gods Inc. and Boudoir at FF2020

Gardens of Lunafae

Helena Stringer

The Fairelands are back for Fantasy Faire 2020

Parting the mysts

Monday eyeful – Beautiful creature eyes by Rainbow Sundae

The sand and heat we love

Monday eyeful – Eye Effects by Birth

Faireland transformations Mystic deer

Hobbit Zenfold 

Seven Nation Army (For Fantasie Faire 2020)

Bring me to life

Mother Earth

Heart of courage (Fantasy Faire 2020)

Rewrite the stars Fantasy Faire 2020

Twin flames

Inara Pey 

Fantasy Faire 2020 Three Reasons to Relay

Ivory Ireton 

The power of the crystals

Come to me, my little dove

The battle at Skeleton Bay

Meet me at the old tree

New friends

Seize that rebel scum


Many kingdoms: one vision

Waiting for you

Water is life

Joyce Cuttita 

Travel in dreams 209 Go to Fantasy Faire

Travel in dreams 213 Go to Fantasy Faire


Push it to the Limit

My protector

An English Duke & Duchess

Pirate Booty (fantasy Faire 2020)

Dance of the Kitsune

Kitty Von Cat 

Nature is the giver of all the power

Fantasy Faire 2020 Elemaria

Fantasy Faire 2020 Melusina’s Depths

Fantasy Faire 2020 Lunafae


Home again

Schrödinger’s revenge

Why I relay

Kynne Llewellyn 


Beware of Trolls


Auxentios’ Pass


Lainey Thorne

Fantasy Faire 2020 is Here!

The Lion Queen

The duchess and duke of Devonshire

Leia Cale  

my new shiny fantasy fair 2020 blogger challenge

Drifts of Anamnesis

Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Isle of Shadows

Dragontaur of Heliodor

Fantasy Faire Caboodle Kirin

A selkie and her loyal kelpie


Bellisaria dock life

Sirens Lore

Auxentios’ Pass

Expanding universe

Lexotan6mg Merlin  

Lex 3915

Lex 3972

Lex 3929 

Lex 3930

Lex 3932

Lex 3935

Lex 3937

Lex 3938

Lila Snowbear (Rozen)

Get your Faire on

I believe I can fly

Fantasy Faire exploring



All for love

Twin flames

Goodbye Fantasy Faire

Maddy Gynoid 

Fantasy Faire 2020 vom 23. April bis 10. Mai in Second Life

Impressionen von der Fantasy Faire 2020 – Teil 1

Impressionen von der Fantasy Faire 2020 – Teil 2

Fantasy Faire: Die Worldlings 2020

Melyna Foxclaw 

Fantasy Faire Opens Today!

Visiting Queensgardens in my Daisies

Traveling around Fantasy Faire

Crab anyone?

What thoughts could be behind these eyes?

New Nasu Garden @ Gacha Garden perfect roleplay

Create your dreams

Spirit Valley of Kuruk

Create your dreams @ Fantasy Faire 2020

Michele Hyacinth

Day 1 Arise arise, beautiful Fairelanders 

Day 2 Fly beautiful fairelanders

Day 3 Steampunkery

Day 4 Soothing the soul

Queensgarden Centaur

Day 5 Beautiful Undone

Day 2 – Dreamscape

Day infinity – Heart of a Warrior

Days infinity

Fairelands Junction

Stalking order

Days without names

The way of the sun

Moonbeam Jillybean

Pixies at play at Dinkie boutique

Exploring the Taj with 2L2

Dashing through the Fairelands with *DSO*

A ghastly ghostly tale from Tiny Inc.

Adventuring with Designs by Isaura

A jewel in the garden with Ashbourne & Co.

Harshlands aren’t so Harsh

How to ride a dragon with LDJ’s Racing Whimzies

Morgana Hilra

And No One Knows

It was only just a dream Fantasy Faire blogger challenges

Fantasy Faire 2020 some of my favorite sims

She always goes harder

I know I walked with you once upon a dream


Msblu Moonwall

Plague Doctor

Poets at Heart

Mother of pearl


Chronicles of Adair: Don’t shoot the messenger

Keeper of Queensgarden

The Queens Garden

The Emblem project – Nadjanator

Orchid Arado


Lamented Fens



Queensgarden – Farewell Fantasy Faire


Belle Epoque Anne Dress @Fantasy Faire 2020

Fantasy Faire 2020

Phire Zhura

The Realms of Fantasy

My Day at Fantasy Faire

Daffodil magic

Star song

Lady of the fens

Bubble blowers

Family dinner

Pryda Parx 

Pictures of the Fairelands

Fantasy Faire 2020 in Second Life an Epic Walk and Explore

Richard de Grataine

Drifts of Anamnesis

Fantasy Faire 2020 Isle of Shadows

Exploring Auxentios’ Pass

Exploring Auxentios’ Pass (2)

Elf Prince

Spirit Valley of Kuruk: I will save you all!

Exploring Auxentios’ Pass. Parcour time!



Playing with the fans


Autumnium, druid’s garden


Roxi Firanelli    

Storming the Gates of Fantasy Faire 2020

Cassiopeia Fantasy Faire 2020

Melusina’s Depths Fantasy Faire 2020

Auxentios’ Pass Fantasy Faire 2020

Queensgarden Fantasy Faire 2020

Melusina’s Depths Fantasy Faire 2020

Ruina Kessel

Quarantine daydreams

Love is a battlefield


A victors history

Ryanna Foxclaw 

Between The Kingdoms Pt1

A Quest For Home

Why I relay against cancer


Take it on faith

It’s okay to be different

Von dunkler Hand

Garrigua April Contest

Fire, all you desire

Don’t bend, don’t break, baby

One step closer

Guerrear en vano

Show me how we’re good

We rise to the stars


Selestine Nightfire

Before the Faire

Midday Dancer

With friends

Quite mystical NSFW


Mist passing

Shari Cortes

Fancy Fantasy – Sirens Lore – The Fantasy Faire 2020

This Tribal heart – Spirit Valley of Kuruk – Fantasy Faire 2020

The Sirens Call

Sinful Rhapsody 

Fantasy Faire wlrp

Visit the Fairelands while you can

We love Roleplay, Fantasy Faire 2020

Suicide Dollz Event. Darkness Monthly. The Gacha Garden. Outre.

SkinTrader Greyskin

Venturing into a New Land

Roman and Hunter reach Fantasy Faire

The adventure continues

Skye Fairywren 

Nature always wears the colors of the spirit

Hi Ho, Kelpy!!! Away!!

There’s more than just one type of *Pawlice* around these parts…

Someday I know we have blue skies again

Some friends arrive and have such a beautiful impact on your life, you can barely remember what life was like without them…

One does not need to be the size of a dragon to have the soul of a dragon

I am a free spirit…either admire me from the ground or fly with me…but don’t ever try to cage me

Having another crabby day…



Here comes the Sun – Welcome to Fantasy Faire 2020!!

Duchy of Devonshire – Her Pride and His Prejudices




Brave New World



Autumn Faerie




Softpaw Sommer

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim Fairelands Junction

Fantasy Faire 2020 Drifts of Anamnesis

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim Zodiac

Zodiac – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Lunafae

Lunafae – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim- Auxentios’ Pass

Auxentios’ Pass – CreatorsFantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Mistakes where made

Mistakes where made – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim Autumnium

Autumnium – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Cassiopea

Cassiopea – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Ambigula

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Melusina’s Depths

Melusina’s Depths – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Lamented Fens

Lamented Fens – Creators

Fantasy Faire 2020 Sim – Island of Shadows


Dreams from Zodiac

Auxentios’ Pass Modern Marvel


Desert Hunt (In Agra Adara)

Day to pray

Drifts of Anamnesis

Can’t forget the words she said



Flowers Will Grow And I Am In Them And That Is Eternity

Sukubia Scarmon 





Monster of the Moors

Timeless Timekeeper


Why I relay

Make your wish


Silent Siren

Goodbye Fantasy Faire


The Duchess

Let me put a spell on you!

Kimama – Fantasy Faire 2020


Synful Ghost 

The Duchess of Fife

The Harpy

The sea nymph

Tamarind Silverfall

Waiting is the Hardest Part

Wandering into Wonder – Lunafae

Wandering into Wonder – Queensgarden

Wandering into wonder – Auxentios’ Pass

Breakfast with the fearies

I’m here for you

What does the fox say

Tamzin Xigalia

Through the Clouds

Come Home


Critter party

Through space and time

Sparklebuttts nicnic



Wishing for Cure

A Curious Incident at Faire

A new library

A horse of a different color

Never give up

Centaur parade

Ars longa vita brevis

Vamerya Vallejo

Fantasy Faire 2020 is open – Queensgarden

Mother Earth

Steely Teal Valkyrie

Cornflower fairy on Heliodor

Crystal figurine

Vylna Daviau 

Fantasy Faire 2020 Revelation

A quiet time at Fantasy Faire 2020

Why I relay Fantasy Faire 2020

The Bard Queens Garden – Quest at Fantasy Faire 2020

Why I relay Fantasy Faire 2020

Out of this world

Wolvern Barbosa

Call of chivalry

Wyona Steamweaver 

Fantasy Faire

Blue Fae





A RFL of SL Event

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