Things for Men

This list has all of our bloggers that wanted to blog only men’s items, or stated that they can blog either men’s or women’s. This includes skins, clothes and accessories.


– Anabelle Marquis (Bellessima)

– Carthalis Rossini (Carthalis Rossini)

– ChroMiuM Praga (UnikeStyle)

– Darkley Aeon (Meanwhile in Second Life)

– Davie Frequency (Egos Like Hairdos)

– DevinVaughn Resident (BishieStyleSL)

– Duchess Flux (Threads & Tuneage)

– Eliza Quixote (

– Fugazi Rubanis (Gazi Gazes)

– Halfwraith Caerndow (Pips Freebie Fantasy)

– Kai Wirsing (Blue…)

– Lola79 Hienrichs (Dead As We)

– Manna Stoneshield (Sticks and Stones)

– Paradox Messmer (Fashion Frankenstein)

– Ran Garrigus (Otherworldly)

– Thalia Lupindo (Corpus Delicti)

– Tigist Sapphire (Ticklemetummy)

– Tiviyah Resident (Confessions of a First-Time Pageant Model)

– Tyson Wardell (Her & Him)

– Wildstar Beaumont (Wild Words)


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