Bloggers 2014

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This is the list of bloggers accepted into the early access of Fantasy Faire.

There are also lists of bloggers divided by genres and item-types they are willing to blog: Things for Men (for items that require a male avatar to blog them), House & Garden (houses, furniture, decor, plants, trees, landscaping), Fun & Games (breedables, HUDs, weaponry, poses, animations), Creatures of Light (elves, mermaids, fauns, fairies and petites), Creatures of Dark (vampires, demons and other dark creatures) and Creatures In-Between (medieval, other historical, steampunk, Gor, nekos and non-human shaped avatars).

The lists are there for the convenience of the Faire creators, should they wish to send out review copies to bloggers.

– Aanikaa Resident (Classy Trashy ‘n’ Free)

– AaryaKiseki Resident (Dark Phantom)

– Adora Whitesong (Silks Girl)

– Aledia Underby (Opulence)

– Alisa26 Resident (Sweet&Sinful Styles)

– Anabelle Marquis (Bellessima)

– Anigma Eulenberg (Anigmatic)

– Arya Braveheart (Her & Him)

– AskoriaNarr Resident (The 9 Tailed Fox)

– Carthalis Rossini (Carthalis Rossini[men’s items only]

– Charisma Jonesford (Pixel Tinkerbell)

– Cherylblossoms Resident (Cherylblossoms)

– ChroMiuM Praga (UnikeStyle) [men’s items only]

– Cindy Gedenspire (Gedenspired)

– Darkley Aeon (Meanwhile in Second Life)

– Davie Frequency (Egos Like Hairdos[men’s items only]

– DevinVaughn Resident (BishieStyleSL[men’s items only]

– Duchess Flux (Threads & Tuneage)

– Elemiah Choche (Elemiah Choche)

– Eliza Quixote (

– Emylia Resident (pause.)

– Filomena Quinnell (Ture-Dure-Naru-Koto)

– Freyja Nemeth (Otherworldly)

– Fugazi Rubanis (Gazi Gazes) [men’s items only]

– Giada Brentley (Veil of Maya)

– GiaNikai Juliesse (Gia’s World)

– Halfwraith Caerndow (Pips Freebie Fantasy)

– Imogen Jie (SwagGor)

– Inara Pey (Modemworld)

– Irina Strazytski (Dark Chest of Wonders)

– JessMacHope Resident (MacHope Photography)

– Joonie Jatho (Joonie’s Journal)

– Kai Wirsing (Blue…[men’s items only]

– KaraLee Aeon (I C U Cammin)

– Lainey Thorne (The Anti Girly Girl)

– LeahJane Cazalet (Strike By Night)

– Lelu Anatine (Running in Heels)

– Lola79 Hienrichs (Dead As We)

– Lourdes Denimore (Lourdes Denimore)

– Lucie Bluebird (Bluebird’s Song)

– Manna Stoneshield (Sticks and Stones)

– Mena Lancaster (The Newest Wrinkles)

– Michele Hyacinth (Michele Hyacinth’s Weblog)

– Paradox Messmer (Fashion Frankenstein)

– Phire Zuhra (Style Genesis)

– Quan Lavender (Quan’s Travelogues)

– Qween Rayna (Stupid Girl )

– Rabia Baxton (Rabia’s Flickr)

– Ran Garrigus (Otherworldly) [men’s items only]

– Sati Rotaru (UniKeStyle)

– Shadow Rothmanay (MODE A TOUT PRIX)

– Softpaw Sommer (Life and Travels in a Virtual Garden)

– Synful Ghost (Eccentric Usagi)

– Thalia Lupindo (Corpus Delicti)

– Tigist Sapphire (Ticklemetummy)

– Tiviyah Resident (Confessions of a First-Time Pageant Model)

– Tyson Wardell (Her & Him) [men’s items only]

– Ursula Floresby (Eclectic Equations)

– Wildstar Beaumont (Wild Words[men’s items only]

– Vixen Darkrose (Bionic Bunny)

– Voshie Resident (HodgePodge)

– Vylna Daviau (Eclectic Equations)


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