Things for Men

This is the list of our bloggers who are willing to blog as a male avatar: either all the time or at least for a blog post.


– Aradia Mistwood (A Walk Around Raidy’s Realm)

– BambiChicque Resident (BamPu Legacies)

– Carthalis Rossini (Carthalis)

– CedricFralto Resident (Dreaming Second Life)

– Davie Frequency (Egos Like Hairdos)

– DevinVaughn Resident (BishieStyleSL)

– Gwen Enchanted (Gwyneth Evans: Polymath, Pottymouth)

– Helena Stringer (Pixel Mythos | Free*Style | It’s Only Fashion | SletFlix)

– Kara Trapdoor (Kara’s Korner, Second Life Adventures)

– Luka Requiem (Style Me Rotten)

– Matthew Anthony (Free Being Me)

– Morgana Hilra (So Hawt SL)

– Ran Garrigus (Otherworldly)

– Roxi Firanelli (On the Rox)

– Seb Arkright (caneemabel)

– Serenity Couerblanc (SereneStyle)

– Taliferrue Cathaldus (@Melroo’s Place)

– Tyson Wardell (Her & Him)

– William Moonwinder (EspirMoi)

– Wolf Mactavish (Ciaran Laval)


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