Fairelands Quest Sponsor – Bella Moda/ZED Designz for MEN/MALified

Bella Moda/ZED Designz for MEN/MALified – Fairelands Quest Sponsor.

Bella Moda by SIN Rain
I released this fashion line in January’16 with the primary focus on Gowns and Formalwear and initial support for Standard Sizes and Fitted. With the addition of Casual and Clubwear I added Maitreya in February’16 and Themed Outfits with additional support for Slink Physique in March’16. Leatherwear introduced Slink HourGlass in July’16 and Belleza Isis, Venus & Freya from August’16 onwards. Today Bella Moda covers a wide range of genres with all of the above sizes still catered for. Each outfit includes matching footwear and accessories. Come stalk me on my Flickr and I hope you Love & Enjoy, SIN

ZED Designz for MEN by EVK
With the introduction of mesh to second life, I created Zed for Men in August’12. Standard sizes were the thing so I released Urbanwear, Streetwear, Footwear, Formalwear and full Outfits to cover as many genres as possible. SL is a very creative outlet and I enjoy creating outfits and accessories especially for themed roleplay and sci-fi. Today most new releases still include Standard Sizes with the addition of Signature, Slink, Belleza and Aesthetic. Check out my Flickr and Stay Safe SL!

MALified by Malic Exonar
Launched in June’19 exclusively with Maitreya only support, MALified offers copy & mod permissions on all items including the wide range of leather & lace, latex, footwear and accessories. Strongly themed and always with attitude perfectly describes the genres covered by Mally 😉 For larger images head on over to the MALified Flickr

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