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A Letter from Kristie McComb at the American Cancer Society

My dear Fairelanders and friends,

With the closing of another Fantasy Faire, I write to you with heartfelt gratitude and esteem for all that you created, shared, and gave of yourselves these past two weeks. As the American Cancer Society, we stand amazed that you not only met last year’s total, you exceeded it, especially in the tough economic times we’re experiencing. 

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A Letter to the Unweaver

A short time ago a brave Fairelander came to me to ask if I was an organizer of Fantasy Faire. I expected her to ask a question about where to find a particular shop, or how to listen to Fantasy Faire Radio, or what time the Faire will close. I am asked such questions a hundred times or more each day, and I try to take the time to answer each of them. But none of that is what this Fairelander wanted. She wanted to show me something she had written, and when I read it I was stunned, elated and inspired. With her permission, I share it now with you. She reminded me of something important today. She reminded me that though our adversary is strong, we are stronger. Here is what she wrote….

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Jailed! Patch Linden at 1 PM SLT in Sylvuselah!

Almost got it!
“Almost got it! But then, I found myself in jail!”

If you missed this event last year, you probably saw stories about it on CNN, the BBC and Good Morning Scottsdale. It was off the chain! If you want to see how the pros get off the hook, stop by to see Patch Linden wheel and deal his way out of a confinement so strong that even with Super-Duper-God Powers there’s no escape!

You never know what Patch is going to offer, but one thing is certain: There is no other time/space locality where you can pick up the stuff he’s throwing down. Last year, it was crazy good deals on tier fees, customized last names, and a dream date with Shakira! (Turns out the last one was too good to be true. I sat in that Chuck E. Cheese for six hours and…well, never mind. I’m over it.)

DJ DaveOSaurus is the man behind the curtain at Fantasy Faire Radio for what promises to be another historic Fairelands Event!

Join us in Sylvuselah at 1 PM SLT!

PS: Bring pointy sticks.

Fantasy Faire Radio Lives!

It’s one of the surest signs of the coming of the Fairelands. A sputter of static, the faintest hint of music growing louder and clearer – and soon, the long season of silence ends with a familiar voice proclaiming to us, “You’re listening to Fantasy Faire Radio.”

From that moment on, we know for certain that the final march back to our beloved Fairelands – back home – has begun.

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