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Chronicles of Kratz: The Bazaar Dungeon, Part II


Nadja’s Note: This report is a continuation of Kratz’s chronicles of The Bazaar Dungeon. Please read Part I before proceeding.

When we last left off, Kratz had just discovered the chamber holding the three elemental gems: the Jug of Wind, the Sword of Water, and the Book of Earth. Now a new set of discoveries awaits him…

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Chronicles of Kratz: The Bazaar Dungeon, Part I

What? “That looks nothing like you, Kratz”? Well, just keep on reading.

When Adair mentioned there was a bizarre dungeon at the Faire, I must’ve had a big ol’ glob of gunk in my ears because I surely hadn’t imagined this. Oh, it was bizarre, all right. Bizarre in that there were too many traders and Fairelanders running about loose and not enough cages.


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Chronicles of Adair: Pools of Ethuil


Nadja’s Note: This report and image were found half-buried in the ground in front of one of the gates in Ardessa. The degree of wear and tear on the pages suggests that it has been left in the elements for several days, if not a week. Its author appears to be nowhere in sight, but search and rescue efforts will continue.

Dear readers, I thank you for bearing with me as I finally make my way to the Faire. Something strange has come over me. I was barely able to make it out of my bed this morning, even though today is the day that I tour the Pools of Ethuil. It must have something to do with that strange augury I had several days ago and the resulting bump on the nape of my neck…

In any case, I owe the deepest gratitude to Vedika for getting into the Fairelands first and sending me her report on Aetherea. Without her, Team B’Nansa wouldn’t even be on the map, in a manner of speaking! Ha, yes!

Well, I should be happy that Vedika is out there rallying for the cause, should I not? Just because it was not I who first set foot on the Fairelands should make no difference, should it? It’s not as if I’m trying to prove anything to anyone or hoping to see my name written in the skies by cheering masses of Unweaver survivors.

No, that would be silly, not to mention incredibly vain! I can’t believe it even crossed my mind. Curse that Kratz for even suggesting that I joined this relay for life only to restore the B’Nansa name!

We are rallying for the cause. That’s all there is to it. WeThe Cause.

And we, Adair, are going to see legendary Elven territory today.

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The House of Garland: To the Victor Go the Spoils


Greetings, Fairelanders!

It’s Nadja here, peeking out from behind my writerly curtain to bring you prize previews from this year’s Fairelands Quest, The House of Garland. (Don’t worry; as hinted in the pictures above, more tales from Team B’Nansa are still to come.)

The House of Garland quest officially opened for players on April 22nd, but there’s still plenty of time to get started or to finish up, especially now that the Faire has been extended for a whole week!


If that’s not enough to whet your appetite, Aznana Shieldmaiden, Ruina Kessel, and I compiled a Pinterest gallery featuring all 90 of the prizes! Keep reading for more information about the prizes and special photos of some of our favorites.

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Chronicles of Vedika: Aetherea


I am a monk of few words. Only three things have ever really opened my mouth. One, my father’s murder. Two, Sherill, my lady love. Three, that time I traveled back in time in my martial arts master’s body and unwittingly unleashed Chaos upon the world and then returned to the present day and trekked to the Abyssal Plane so I could kill Chaos. (Long story. See what I mean?)

So when Adair told me to go to Aetherea, look for signs of the Unweaver, and write her an “evocative and satisfactorily descriptive” report, I was hesitant. That Wood Elf likes pretty words. I do not do pretty words.

But after my journey to that land of temples, I stand corrected.

I have been to the Celestial Plane, to the Astral Plane, to the Feywild and back again. None of these realms compare to the ethereal beauty and absolute tranquility of AethereaContinue reading Chronicles of Vedika: Aetherea

Adair’s Road to Fantasy Faire 2018: A Minor Setback


Dear readers, I must apologize deeply for my delay in writing this message. Due to strange, unforeseen circumstances, I could not interview the last party member, Frighe. As such, I sent her a letter instructing her to meet me at the Faire. By the time I finished, already the fog had lifted from the Fairelands and the festivities had begun. Imagine my dismay! Thankfully, Vedika—bless her initiative—soldiered on ahead and sent me her first report on the Faire, which I shall publish as soon as I catch my breath. She even sent me some souvenirs, which I proudly don in the illustration above.

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