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“Cancer won’t quit. So neither can we.” Those are some of the words displayed on the Relay for Life page from the American Cancer Society.

In 2020 COVID-19 shook the world, bringing with it sickness and death across the globe and bringing life for many to a standstill. What it didn’t stop was cancer. With the medical advances of science and technology a vaccine has been made to fight COVID-19, but for all the years cancer and its many strains have been around, there is still no definitive cure. The best hope is early detection.

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=|A Faire Story|= Beyond the Veil . . .

“For this is a tale
A song without fail
Where magic and mystery go

Come close and you’ll see
If you harken to me
What starts in the trees
And is bestowed upon thee . . .”

Her name was Sa’Gabliyne and she was a curious Fae – as were all of her kind, but she was the curiousest of all. She was never content to only play in the leaves and flit about in the sun with the other Fae and magical creatures of the forest. Oftentimes Sa’Gabliyne could be found a the very edges of the veil that kept their world hidden from that of Mankind.

She would sit there and watch the humans playing and moving in and out of large square structures. They even brought food and other items into them and would come out empty handed. Perhaps it was a magical device? What else could it be, for those structures also seemed to multiple the humans, and even changed their appearance. If only she could try it for herself she could figure out its magic.

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Why I {Relay} Against Cancer

Out of all the events on the grid, the Fantasy Faire: To Benefit Relay for Life  is one that is close to my heart. Since 2009 the Fantasy Faire has brought together creators, artist, musicians, and performers in a Rmassive event, raising funds to help find a cure for cancer.

This disease is something that no one likes to hear about, but sadly it is something that has affected many lives in a personal way. There is no cure. It targets the young and old alike and it comes in many forms.
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