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One of the Rickety Weasels

Rickety Weasels vs Shadows : Final Battle


Avariel got captured! Join the Rickety Weasels on their rescue mission today Monday 5th at 1pm SLT

After Miranda, our Guardian of the Water Stone and Firefly, our Guardian of the Fire Stone, the Shadows devised a cunning plan to capture Avariel, our Guardian of the Air Stone!

Avariel got captured! Help needed for a rescue mission Monday May 5th at 1pm SLT

We are planning a rescue mission tonight Monday May 5th at 1pm SLT and would need all the help we can.

So please join us tonight at 1pm SLT at our headquarters in Wiggenstead Mooring!


– The Rickety Weasels –

Rickety Weasels’ Beltaine ceremony gone wrong…

The Rickety Weasels were all set yesterday to celebrate the Beltaine ceremony and welcome Summer for another year, but it didn’t go quite as expected and two of their Guardians of the Elemental Stones got kidnapped by the Shadows…

If the Dark Shadow gets his hands on all four Guardians, he would be able to rule the Fairelands and all he likes is dark and depressing so that would probably not be good at all.

Beltaine ceremony gone wrong

Help the Rickety Weasels find their missing Guardians!

If you see them or any of the Shadows, or find information about where they could be held, please report to the Rickety Weasels’ headquarters in Wiggenstead Mooring!

Rickety Weasels Wanted & Missing