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A Thank-you from the Role-players

The Fairelands have disappeared beyond the Veil and into the Mysts, but Junction abides.  Though this chapter ends, another will begin when the Faire returns. New stories and quests will await those searching for a way to fight back against the Unweaver.

Faire invited Roleplayers to begin telling their stories in 2014.  Eight Faires worth of adventures which still move those who joined the tales now. 

Every year the storytellers gather around a campfire to share their yarns.  Children help quest hunters to find their birds in between adventures.  The role-players share the lore of the realms we call home. Victorians greet others over tea or coffee.  Game masters invite players to roll the dice.  We even provide classes for those new to the idea of role-play and of course curious onlookers, chroniclers and photographers are always welcome to drop in to have a look.  

No one in 2014 could have expected that Role-players would raise 2.5 million Linden Dollars in 2020.  None of us would have dreamed of hitting that total again!  L$2,554,596 was raised for charity in the name of role-play in 2021!

And so, once again, the role-players must thank the Fairelanders who joined us throughout the years. Thank you for staying with us through the highest peaks, and the lowest darkness. Who trusted us to see the stories through despite times when tears flowed the night before the finale.  And those who shed tears of joy when we succeeded in driving back the Unweaver for now.  

We will return; determined to do even better next year, as we do every year. And with that, the final words shall go to the Bards themselves:

“The Faire is a celebration of the power of Story and of the Fantasy Role Play communities of Second Life. That we are also a venue for such groups to come and share with us their incredible talents for storytelling, and that in doing so they speak to the themes of Relay For Life speaks volumes in itself, for these are things that the Faire would not be the same without. They remind us just how much we have to Celebrate. They give us a space where it is safe for us to Remember. And they show us that together we can Fight Back against the Unweaver until no one ever again need fear hearing the words, ‘You have cancer.’ For all that, and for their companionship along the way, the Faire is eternally grateful.”

Elizabeth Tinsley and Zander Greene

Fantasy Faire 2021

Sunday May 2nd: Children of Stories 2021

Sunday May 2nd: The Fractal entity has been released from its prison to reveal that it was not one entity alone in need. The secrets of the Rift have been uncovered and the Unweaver has been thwarted once again. The Society of Extra-Ordinary Explorers want to thank those who joined them in their quest to reveal the truth and heal a wound deep within the Rift. For more information on the events that unfolded, you can read the entire story on The Children of Stories update page . Today is a relaxed role-play day at The Amethyst Rift

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Saturday May 1st: Children of Stories 2021

Saturday May 1st: The Amethyst Rift suffered a cataclysmic event thousands of years ago. It’s inhabitants disappeared under mysterious circumstances, and a massive broken portal sits in the center of the mystery. The Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers have gathered the pieces of the magical horn, Azibo, with the assistance of the Guardians and benevolent Fairelanders. The Fractal spirit begs the children to open the portal and help it heal the Rift from a wrong done long ago. Join the youthful archaeologists as they attempt to bring an end to this mystery once and for all, today at 12:30pm SLT, at The Amethyst Rift. Please note the updated time!

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Friday April 30th: Children of Stories 2021

Friday April 30th: The Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers woke up in horror this morning to tragedy: All of the artifacts, the pieces of the magical horn Azibo that they had recovered, have been stolen. Was it the Knights of the Rift charged with keeping the portal closed? Was it a greedy merchant seeking to gain riches? Was it a rival archeologist seeking the credit for themselves? Or…was it the Shadows of the Unweaver who wishes to keep his dark secret to himself. The mystery is afoot today at 1 pm SLT, at The Amethyst Rift.

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Thursday April 29th: Children of Stories 2021

Thursday April 29th:  The Society of Extra-ordinary Explorers have deciphered the clues and found all but one piece of the Azibo, a magical horn that could unlock the secrets of the Amethyst Rift.  But a greedy merchant has already uncovered one of the pieces and has departed for the Faire Realm of Ostara.  Will the youthful archeologists recover the artifact first, or will the servants of the Unweaver, or another greedy rival lay claim to it first?  The only way to help will be to join them in Ostara today at 1pm SLT.  

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