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Why I Relay: Family Tree

For some families cancer is an event that is with them year round, and not just during Relay for Life. For some families cancer seems to carry a bigger threat. People in their immediate and extended family get ill and die, some of them young. All cancer is caused by some kind of cell mutation, but some may be environmental, some cancer runs in families and some cancer has specific genetic markers than can be traced through genetic tests. Relay for Life means a lot to me because of my family and what we have experienced. I relay for them – for those of us that are sick right now, those who might get sick in the future, and for the children in our family who may develop cancer at some time in their life. Relay for Life is important to me because someday I hope that there will be a cure for cancer – and this hope is very personal. My hyperlinked/sliced html image wouldn’t upload into this site but if you would like to see the stories of the people named on image below you can go here and click on the hyperlinked names. I have changed some names but this is my family cancer history.