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My SL travels have taken me full circle and around again. I started out with a little art gallery my first month inworld. After making a silly coffee table and rug for my gallery, I figured "I can do this" and started building homes and furniture. This (somehow) led to a little clothing design business, known as "Spork". During the constant shifting of interest, I always maintained a passion for SL photography. Not finding the exact poses I needed to realize the picture in my head, I began to create my own poses. This has spontaneously turned into the little pose shop which goes by the name of "Fluke".

Introducing the pirates of Trade Winds

Trade Winds is a residential pirate role-play community consisting of a large group of sailable regions.  Most our time is spent defending ourselves and our property from those thieving Continental Navy types.  We hold events daily, including naval battles using the SPD combat system, sword fighting, belly dancing, live music artists, DJs, dances and much more. We were featured on an episode of Designing Worlds on last month, which can be viewed here.  We are pleased to participate in Fantasy Faire 2014 and eagerly support this great cause.  So fill your mug with grog and come live the pirate life!