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The Midas Touch

Ishtar at Midas2
Ishtar of Midas by Duchess Flux

As the sun baked down on Midas, the news spread like wildfire that Fantasy Faire exceeded their goal of 40K and surpassed it at 60K, thanks to an anonymous donor. Local chat was quickly filled with Fairefolk in celebration mode, and as tears of happiness streamed down my elven cheeks, we decided to do the next best thing. Shopping!

There are some incredible stores on the Midas Sim.  Kynne and I found ourselves in the deviousMind store and after much “Ooohing” and “Ahhhing” we settled on these gorgeous Ishara Snake Silks. Continue reading The Midas Touch

Challenge Accepted: Shop ’til You Drop

Fantasy Faire is heading into its last week of shopping with incredible news! An anonymous donor has offered to donate 20,000 dollars if the Faire’s total reaches 40,000 dollars by May 5th! Challenge accepted, I say!!! And, with 5 days left of shopping, this goal will not be hard to achieve. The amount of fantasy creations is vast, so I am here to lead you through some of the fabulous finds on the various sims! Together we can find a cure…and totally look great doing it! Continue reading Challenge Accepted: Shop ’til You Drop

Magical Moments at Fantasy Faire

Fantasy Faire wouldn’t be possible without our amazing fantasy creators! From fashion to decor items, the sims are packed with a bounty of magical treasures in pop up stores by some of Second Life’s most creative designers and builders. So dig deep and pack your inventory cause we are on a mission to make the totals of this year’s Faire soar! Together we can find a cure!

Continue reading Magical Moments at Fantasy Faire