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Fantasy Faire 2015

We Did It!Duchess here, coming to you live from Fantasy Faire where we just hit the 30,000 USD mark!!! A record! I am so proud of everyone who participated in making this year such a success! There is still some time to get to the Faire and show some linden love, but sadly the Faire is officially closing tonight… so you have to get here sooner, rather than later, as no one is sure the exact time the sims will fade (a little bird said there could be a few more days!!) There are 13 beautiful sims to explore like this one here, Tangleshimmer Grove, which is sponsored by Roawenwood and created by Searait! The sim is magically enchanted and a wonderful place to meditate and think. It is a favorite of fae. It is perhaps the most peaceful feeling of the sims at the Faire and one of my favorites!

I know I say this every year, but a little less than two weeks is way too short for Fantasy Faire. With only eleven days to explore 13 sims, I wish I did not have a full time job. LOL. The last day of the Faire is such a sad time for me…. And tomorrow I will be waiting in anticipation for next year’s Faire….. Hopefully next year will be longer…. One can still hope…..

From the bottom of my heart, thank you for everything you did to make Fantasy Faire such an overwhelming success. A piece of my heart lives here and tonight it couldn’t be more swollen with pride.



The Waterhorse of Vallacia

The Waterhorse of Vallacia

The hippocampus is my all-time favorite mythological creature, so much so that our collective sims are named after them. I about passed out when I saw meadowWork’s Waterhorses for Fantasy Faire! They are stunningly magical and perfect in just about every way imaginable. Garvie is my official FF 2015 hero! meadowWorks is on the water filled sim of Vallacia. The build reminds me of a small water village I used to visit in the summers while surfing off the coast of a small Peloponnese Island. The colorful sails on the boats are pure genius, this is a great build to explore. Ah Pura Vida baby! Splash on over and drop some linden love!

I am loving the way this outfit by AZUL moves. The fantastical elements stole my heart and I love watching the flexi butterflies swarm my avatar. Wings, Dress and butterflies are all included! The outfit looks awesome with White Widows new tattoos and this breezy style hair by Mina – that is to die for!!!

Go get your Relay on!!!

OUTFIT: Pepeke by AZUL ~ Exclusive Pre-Release for Fantasy Faire 2015 @ YoZakura {April 23 to May 3}
HAIR: Elvira by MINA ~ Available at upcoming FaMESHed {May 1 to May 27}
TATTOO: Whiplash by White Widow ~ Available at upcoming Event@1st {May 1 – May 25}
HORNS: Aaravali Headdress {Pure} by The Plastik ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
NECKLACE: Pikorua Necklace by Empyrean Forge ~ Exclusive for Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Aurora {April 23 to May 3}
WAND: Sparkly Wand of Butterflies by Talevin’s Designs Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
CIRCLET: Warden Tiara {Pink Gold} by Fujiwara’s World ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Poppetsborough {April 23 to May 3}
HEELS: Crystal Pumps {pink} by Eudora 3D ~ Available at Uber Miami Neon round {April 25 to May 23}

Enchanted Tree by Boudoir ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Wildehaven Marsh {April 23 to May 3}
Morgana Fountain and Morgana Ruined B by Atelier Visconti ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ YoZakura {April 23 to May 3}
Waterhorses {Alia’s Mirror & Hippocampus} by meadowWorks ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Vallacia {April 23 to May 3}
Beast’s Treasure {pink} by Cubic Cherry ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Spires of Andolys {April 23 to May 3}

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Welcome to the Odyssey

Welcome to the OdysseyAlia Baroque’s (of Fallen Gods Inc.) Odyssey build at Fantasy Faire 2015 is absolutely stunning. The region is packed with amazing designers and more beautiful nooks and crannies than one could ask for! Ancient temples dot the sim and float above crystal clear waters with emerald waves. His temple is for sale too! Ah, it is perfection!

The Plastik released an amazing fantasy skin called Valari and these killer horns that are adorned with a baby dragon, Chrysophylax. My hooves hit the sim running and I left my friends with a trail of dust as I galloped through Sylvan of Spells. Day 5 of Fantasy Faire and I still have not seen everything!!! Irina and I will begin our reporting this week….. so stay tuned as we are sure to get into some grand trouble!

HAIR: Longfall Hair {Pastels/Common} by Tableau Vivant
SKIN: Valari Skin Femme {Vaaenri/Maitreya} by The Plastik ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
HORNS: Chrysophylax Horn {Duo} by The Plastik ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
NECKLACE: Dangara Necklace {Rare} by aisling
COLLAR: Dangara Collar {Rare} by aisling
TOP: Dangara Bra {snow} by aisling
CENTAUR: KOT Centaur ~ Available at KOT Stables
RINGS: Irina Ring Set by ieQED ~ Available at Shiny Shabby {April 20 to May 15}
TAIL: Delightful tail {Palomino} by Abaddon Art
BELT: Bayram Belt {black/silver/Rare} by The Forge
POSE: by me {nfs}

Pearl Grand Temple by Alia Baroque ~ Available at Fantasy Faire
Fountain Lotus {washwood} by anc ~ Available at Fantasy Faire @ Odyssey

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Why I Relay

Why I RelayLast year I was asked to share my story of “Why I Relay” for Fantasy Faire. The result was a story that gifted a very private part of me to the world. The reward was the number of people who were not only touched by my story, but had stories of their own to share. I read the piece to my mother over the phone and by the time I finished reading she was sobbing uncontrollably. I didn’t want that reaction and I felt horrible that I hurt my mother and made her cry. I felt awkward and we didn’t really discuss it further. A few weeks later I was contacted by NPR and they asked if my piece could be read on All Things Considered. I agreed. My story came to life as it was read by a featured author and, as I heard my words over the car radio, I had to pull over. I, like my mother, was sobbing uncontrollably. I realized at that moment that my words did not hurt my mother; instead she was taking on a part of my pain as her loving burden. As the callers to the station phoned in to comment on my piece, they too took on my pain as they shared their tearful stories. It was cathartic.

My short story has been read at a few live Second Life relay events and each time the response that was generated lifted me up. I miss my brother dearly, that will never change….. but the sharing between those of us left behind has begun to fill the empty void in my heart. So this year we were asked to share an image of “Why I Relay” for Fantasy Faire 2015. I decided since the majority of the world has shed a tear for either themselves or someone struggling with, surviving or lost from cancer, that a good way to sum up “Why I Relay” is that I want to see an end to the heartache this devastating disease causes.

Dedicated to David. I miss you ….. every day.

HAIR: Sola by Analog Dog ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Tangleshimmer Grove {April 23 to May 3}
COLLAR: Dragonborn Necklace {light gold} by Alegria ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Aurora {April 23 to May 3}
HORNS: Kii {Chalk} by Cubic Cherry Kre-ations ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Spires of Andolys {April 23 to May 3}
BRACELET: Dragonborn Bracelet by Alegria ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Aurora {April 23 to May 3}
TIARA: Circle of Lilies by Talevin’s Designs ~ Available at Fantasy Faire 2015 @ Sylvan of Spells {April 23 to May 3}
EAR WINGS: Ear Cuff {Old Gold} Emeraude by Tabou Irresistible ~ Available at We Love Roleplay {April 4 to April 28th}
TATTOO: Lost River Tattoo by White Widow {New Release}
POSE: Bystander by Del May

Reminiscing: Why I Relay

Reminiscing - Why I RelayWhy I Relay.

I relay because of a phone call that changed my life forever. 5 years ago my brother phoned to tell me that he hadn’t been feeling well; it didn’t sound serious, perhaps he was afraid to scare me, he was after all my big brother. I was so proud of my brother for overcoming his sever learning disability and pursuing a college degree, so our call quickly changed to a story he was writing for class. Growing up my brother could barely read, I beamed with pride. My brother was my hero in every sense of the word and I couldn’t fathom a world without his presence; for surely the sun would stop shining and birds would cease to sing. He is my shining star.

I relay because a few days later my brother informed me that the doctors diagnosed him with lung cancer, Stage 4. I rallied because we were going to beat this, I was determined. We laughed, we cried, we told stories and mostly we told each other how much we loved each other and how proud we were of each others accomplishments. It was never a good-bye, it was a love that was to nourish our spirit and strengthen our fight against this disease. The big C… I can hardly bring myself to even say the word.

I relay because of twenty minutes. Twenty minutes. I drove ten hours through the night a few weeks later to visit my brother. The drive seemed to last for an eternity. My mind played memories of growing up and of things my big brother did that brought a smile to my face. I thought about the things we could do while I visited and I thought about vitamin concoctions I read about on the internet. I thought about his diet and the stories I read from survivors. I stopped for coffee, I was tired and had to pee; I shouldn’t have stopped for coffee. I waited in line for 20 minutes thinking about the difference in my brother’s voice during our last conversation. I continued to drive, armed with my smile and arsenal of love. My brother died 20 minutes before my arrival. Twenty minutes.

I relay because from that second on I lost a piece of me. It was as if this darkness enveloped my world and even after it dissipated the residual energy hung over me like a wet drape. Heavy and limp. I think of my brother every day. I hated the big C. I cursed it. In a blink of an eye it managed to steal my brother from me and leave behind a trail of heartache that went well beyond me. There should be a word stronger than “mourning.” There is no word in the English language that could effectively describe the loss of a piece of yourself. There just isn’t.

I relay because one day there will be a cure. I am positive of this. I relay for those who are fighting, those who survived, and for those who are left behind. I relay because I have hope. I relay because each year a tiny part of me returns when I read other’s stories and as silly as this sounds… as I round the track on SL with Gopu. I give a piece of myself to everyone I encounter and they give it back ten-fold. I relay for my brother and my family. I relay with a dream that the world will become cancer free.

Dedicated to David, the world is a better place because of you. I miss you. Everyday.

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