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It ain’t over, till it’s over

While the official event schedule is over, the Fantasy Faire isn’t! As you know the Fairelands will be around till at least 5 May – so that means we all get plenty opportunity to wander around, shop, explore, be magical and support RFL while we’re at it.

FF 2019 - The Emblem Project
FF 2019 – The Emblem Project

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The Fantasy Faire Hope House in Ardessa

Last night a very special party took place in Ardessa! While the lovely DJ Nuala was playing awesome tunes for the enthusiastic crowd, behind her something amazing was happening…

On top of the rocks in (the beautiful land of ) Ardessa a Fantasy Hope House appeared a true virtual Hope Hostel.

Ardessa - I


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My return to the Fairelands Junction

Every year, since I discovered the Fantasy Faire in 2011, the realm I always go to when I am working on pictures or blogposts, or just want to sit and think is The Fairelands Junction by Saiyge Lotus.

It is not only the place where you will find the portals to the Fairelands, but also the Wordlings and it is the home of the Wall of Remembrance. Every year it is there and every year it looks different, but feels the same. Like home, a place of comfort.

Fairelands Junction - II

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Faire Folk, Parties and other exciting events!

It is probably not a secret that I love to dance and party in Second Life and when it is that time of year, ya know…The Fantasy Faire, I spend a lot of my online time partying on the Fairelands!

Since the opening of the Faire I have been to parties (of course!), a short story discussion in the Hall of Story and the Jail and Bail of Jessica Lyon. All occasions where wonderful and the good news is: you can go to parties and/or events every day – a good time is guaranteed!

In case you are not sure (I can’t imagine, but okay), I’ve taken some photographic and video evidence!

Ghoul Littleblacklamb
Ghoul Littlelamb – dancing at the Story Wells

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Are you ready to party?

Besides exploring the Fairelands, shopping for the latest outfits, accesories and furniture (you name it, it is available in a shop!), literary and roleplay events, the Fantasy Faire is also known for its more than awesome parties!

This year our dragon-borne party ship, The FaireChylde, will be the place to be in Second Life with a TEN DAYS DJ Dance party. Actually, The FaireChylde even got his own page on this site – including a party-schedule. So basically you have NO reason to not party on the Faire!

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