Astrid’s Nemeton

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Astrid’s Nemeton – picture by Sunny Difference.

Sponsored by Rivendale & Gwen Enchanted.

Astrid’s Nemeton (lrriven)
Welcome traveler to these lands of hope.
This is a place where miracles happen, where magic lives on the air and graces every being who walks its paths. Here the cursed come seeking refuge and the blessed offer a guiding hand to those in need. These are the lands of faerie, just on the edge of humanities borders. This is the seat of the last of the great druids; Astrid. Her nemeton, the rocky crags, hidden grottos, and lush plateaus is a safe home for all of the fae.
Many who breach our borders come seeking salvation, and we can offer that. But we are faerie and everything has its price.

Astrid’s Nemeton hosts all the teams of One Team Initiative, as well as the information headquarters for the KNH Hope Hostel. It also features the second performance stage, The Theatre of the Mists.

One Team Initiative | KNH Hope Hostel

Performances: Group Introductions & Schedule

A RFL of SL Event

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