Arrivals and Departures

The Fantasy Faire Literary Festival is pleased to present a special screening of the movie ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES at 2pm SLT on Thursday, April 25th at the Worldling Stage on the Celestial Plain. The screening will be followed by an after-party until 5pm with DJ Elrik Merlin, to thank Fairelanders and friends for their invaluable support in the making of the film.

Arrivals & Departures: A Tale of Two Journeys

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES is a machinima from CEH Productions – Caledonia Skytower of the Seanchai Library, Elrik Merlin of Radio Riel and Designing Worlds, and Honey Heart of Elite Equestrian. The 15 minute film is based on a short story written by Caledonia, and originally recorded for Fantasy Faire Radio as part of the 10th Fantasy Faire in 2018.

The story was inspired by, and performed in, Erstwhile Station, a superbly-imagined Steampunk spaceport created by The Looking Glass – Sharni Azalee and Marcus Inkpen – specially for Fantasy Faire.

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES offers a glimpse into two individual journeys that are brought together and shared for the last time. It is about the one who leaves, the one left behind, and the essential role of each. Though the word is never uttered in the film, it essentially addresses aspects of our attitudes about death.

ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES also highlights the vital importance of storytelling, harking back to an earlier time when tales were woven into a verbal tradition that was handed down by word of mouth from one generation to the next.

“Here is a story with so much to say about friendship, love and loss, and which turns its eye toward a hopeful horizon. Their message is a comfort to all who have held a loved one’s hand and said goodbye. For that, Relay For Life and the American Cancer Society are profoundly grateful.”
–Jeff Montegut, American Cancer Society

For more about ARRIVALS & DEPARTURES, visit the CEH Productions web site and don’t miss this special showing – and the party!

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