About the Sniffer Moles of the Hunros Mine

What is the Hunros Mine?

The Mine was formed by the Elfkin who discovered a magical artifact deep within the Hunros Mountain. It produces magic which can be extracted from the rock and sold to academics around the Faire. The Mayor, with his Overseers and the Sniffer Moles, make sure that production meets quotas.

Who are the Sniffers at the Hunros Mine?

In the beginning the Elfkin people mined for Magic themselves, but discovered children were particularly good at ‘sniffing’ out the magic scent in the rock. They started to kidnap children and referred to them as the ‘Sniffer Moles’ because they were taught to ride and utilize large Mountain Moles in their work.  Over time these Elves stopped kidnapping and the children were freed.  However, they elected to reform and became the Union of Sniffers.  Families and the children themselves are now given the choice to let them work in the mine.  

The children know tales of Junction, the Faire, the Elemental Guardians, and of the Unweaver as history lessons and bedtime stories.  They never expected to encounter either while doing their work.

Who are the Elfkin?

Generations ago an Elf delved deep into the Hunros Mountain and discovered the Bell.  He developed a mine and became the first Mayor of the mining town within the caverns under the mountain.  Originally he kidnapped the children to work in the mine, but he has since reformed from that period of his life. 

What is the Bell?

 Buried under the Hunros Mountain lies a wondrous secret.  A giant magic sphere, called the Bell, produces magic which seeps into the very rock of the Mountain.  It can replace the need for other magical components or power sources.  Over time the Elfkin explorers dug a mine and sold the bottled magic to the magical academies within the Fairelands.   

Who are the Elemental Guardians?

  The Guardians of the Elemental Stones were hiding themselves within Wiggenstead Morring for generations.  Protected by the Rickety Weasels, they lived in seclusion until Lord Shadow discovered their secret.  After several years of being separated the Guardians are together again: Strifeclaw of the Earth, Avariel of the Air, Cale of the Fire, and Lynx Tree of the Water. 

Who are the Shadows of the Unweaver

The Shadows serve the Unweaver as his corrupt spies.  Their hierarchy has shifted after the loss of Lord Shadow and not much is known of their current leadership.  An anonymous tip suggested they have been spotted near the Mine, but are hiding somewhere outside its border.

Where can I find more information?

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