About the Gathered Children of Stories and the Secrets in Flambois

What is Flambois?

Flambois is a school of magic hidden in a forest. Flam stands for the Fairelands Academy of Magic, a hidden gem in the heart of a mystical forest. These historic streets, awash in a tapestry of architectural styles from medieval to art nouveau. There are three schools of magic here that are tied to elements and the history of the Fairelands. It is an amazing, but perhaps dangerous, place to study and learn.

Who are the Gathered?

Children across different Fairelands have found mysterious magical lanterns requesting their help. Taking the lantern opened a pathway that lead them across Fairerealms and through the woods to Flambois. They must discover the secrets of this realm and discover why they have been summoned. Below are the Children of Stories we have known so far:

The wild Rickety Weasels whose duty is to protect the Guardians. The cunning Mouse Guardians who protected the world of Poppetsborough. The somber Viking warriors of Echtra who broke the Gloom over their realm.

The dutiful (and loud) Lilypods of Mudrana who keep their world from vanishing. The Magpies who were thieves with hearts of gold. The mechanical Bubo Owls who repaired the Flying Market of Tensor.

The Grizzly Cubs who lived up to their names and endured the worst hardships. The Society of Extraordinary Explorers who became Children of the Stories despite their hailing beyond the Fairelands.

And the Union of Sniffer Moles who stopped over mining the Dreams of the Hunros Mine.

Who summoned the Children?

The Children accepted the strange lanterns for their own reasons and because something felt wrong in their own world. But were the lanterns sent by their enemies to trap them, or by allies hoping for their aid? The hunt for answers will begin the moment the Children arrive in Flambois and search for a base.

Who are the Elemental Guardians?

  The Guardians of the Elemental Stones were hiding themselves within Wiggenstead Morring for generations.  Protected by the Rickety Weasels, they lived in seclusion until Lord Shadow discovered their secret.  After several years of being separated the Guardians are together again: Strifeclaw of the Earth, Avariel of the Air, Cale of the Fire, and Lynx Tree of the Water. 

Who are the Shadows of the Unweaver

The Shadows serve the Unweaver as his corrupt spies.  Their hierarchy has shifted with the rise of his new Lord Shadow, and other threats stalk the Fairelands hidden and disguised as allies. Several of their number have been cleansed of the corruption in the past.

Where can I find more information?

 The daily wrap-up stories will be compiled in order here: Daily Updates

 For information about the people behind the Children of Stories check on their Credits page

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