A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Astrid’s Nemeton

There will be two performances of A Midsummer Nights Dream.

Location: Astrid’s Nemeton

Dates and Times:
Friday 20th, 2 PM SLTl
Saturday 28th, 9 AM SLT

Adapted for Second Life by Saffia Widdershins and Zander Greene
Fairy Dances choregraphed by Aelva
Set Designed and Built by Aelva
Sound recording and editing by Zander Greene
Directed by Saffia Widdershins


Friday 20th April Saturday 28th April
Character Voice Actor Performer Performer
Theseus/Oberon Zander Greene Gwendalynn Precious Stillwater (as UpsilonActor) Gwendalynn Precious Stillwater (as UpsilonActor)
Hippolyta/Titania AvaJean Westland AvaJean Westland AvaJean Westland
Puck Christy Grantham Zadira Barzane (as GammaActor) Zadira Barzane (as GammaActor)
Hermia Garnet Psaltery Єɗℯɳ ℳợợղ (as KappaActor) Єɗℯɳ ℳợợղ (as KappaActor)
Helena Aisling Sinclair Aisling Sinclair Aisling Sinclair
Lysander Mavromichaeli Szondi Mavromichaeli Szondi Mavromichaeli Szondi
Demetrius Emerson Lighthouse Podruly Peccable (as LambdaActor) Podruly Peccable (as LambdaActor)
Egeus Elrik Merlin Elrik Merlin Elrik Merlin
Nick Bottom Damian Vectoscope Linn Darkwatch Linn Darkwatch
Peter Quince Elrik Merlin OldeSoul Eldamar OldeSoul Eldamar
Francis Flute Mavromichaeli Szondi Caleb Kit Caleb Kit
Robin Starveling Mavromichaeli Szondi Snow Scarmon Snow Scarmon
Tom Snout Emerson Lighthouse Jennylynn Capalin Jennylynn Capalin
Snug Zander Greene Francesca Alva Francesca Alva
Cobweb Amethyst Dovgal Aelva Aelva
First Fairy non-speaking Aelva Aelva
Fairy 1 non-speaking Riven Riven
Fairy 2 non-speaking Kit Kit
Fairy 3 non-speaking Skeleton Skeleton



A RFL of SL Event

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