Blogger Highlights II

We’re on our twelfth Faire day, and our bloggers have been busy! For easy visual pretty pictures browsing one can see their work either in our flickr-group, or in the #blogposts channel in Fantasy Faire Fans discord server. For more detailed checking of which store was blogged where, I recommend going here. It is impossible … Continue reading Blogger Highlights II

Thank You (Blogger Highlights VII)

The above is a magnificent picture by Tamzin Xigalia. It has everything a good Faire-picture should have: Faireland environment, Fairelanders of many shape and size, a Faire legend (in this case the Fairechylde, our dragonborne party ship) and of course bunnies! …fine, fine. I’m biased. Bunnies optional! The problem with highlights is that you have … Continue reading Thank You (Blogger Highlights VII)

Highlights from the Blogger Posts VI

One of the challenges of blogging Fantasy Faire is that it is not just a shopping event, it is not just a quest, or Literary Festival, or endless parties or roleplay or performances or… you get the point. Faire is many things to many people, but what it is underneath the fantasy community we all … Continue reading Highlights from the Blogger Posts VI

Highlights from the Blogger Posts V

As much as I adore and favor blog pictures taken in the Fairelands, there are blog posts that have to happen elsewhere. Mainly rezable items such as decor, landscaping and furniture. In some cases there’s already existing samples rezed in the Fairelands, especially if the world builder is a merchant as well, but most of … Continue reading Highlights from the Blogger Posts V