Reminiscing with Faire Films

Every year countless people with machines able to withstand the Curse of Baba Laga and enthusiasm rivaling magic in itself explore the Fairelands and capture their fleeting beauty on film. These vary from hours of walk-throughs to more edited shorter region showcases, to performance shows and interviews, to the story-driven narratives and adventures taking place in the Fairelands. That last one has been on the rise during the last few years, thanks to the latest addition to the Faire events: Film Festival. The Film Festival contest entries are linked on their own page, and I warmly recommend checking them out. Perhaps you’ll feel inspired to make your own next year!

The website’s needs as far as videos are concerned are simple: we need a good quality video that features all the regions and is still short enough that any curious visitor might click it to check the Fairelands out on film. Siritas Motion has provided us with such a film for a couple of years now, this year’s still visible on top right of the website, but linked here as well:

Another excellent region showcase — with nods toward events and details — is always brought to life by Caitlin Tobias. This year in two parts:

I also must raise my hat to Pryda Parx, who has been creating hours-long walk-throughs of the Fairelands since 2018. It’s a good thing there’s a whole year to rest their feet in between, because that is no short round to make!

There’s what seems to be a countless amount of videos now made, and it makes my inner archivist happy to see that so many people want to record the wonders of the Fairelands before they fade.

Through the Faire Bain Finch kept compiling a youtube playlist of all the Faire videos he could find, and by the end of the Faire the list extends to 72 videos. You can watch the playlist here: Fantasy Faire 2023 Thank you, Bain!

This sadly excludes all the videos on Vimeo or Flickr, where I know filming people have been active as well. Regardless, seeing how enthusiastic people are about Faire, and how generously they create material for others to see, enjoy, and reminisce with is always wondrously happy-making.

To everyone taking the time and putting in the effort to create these videos: thank you!

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