Sponsor Feature: The Children of Stories

The Children of Stories have been an integral part of the Fairelands since 2014, weaving their roleplay story archs together with the Faireland Mythos, always fiercely opposing the Agents of the Unweaver. This year was their tenth story, and the ongoing story’s finale, but that does not mean their stories would be over! We can welcome the Children back in advance to return at Fantasy Faire 2024!

The Children of Stories returned to the Fairelands as they have every year, and this was a truly special one. This was our 9th anniversary since the Rickety Weasels were the first Children to make their debut, but it was our 10th story overall. The Gathered journeyed from Fairelands of the past to join us at Flambois, the home of Fairelands Magical Academy.

Former Fairelands in peril, the Guardians corrupted or cursed to varying degrees, strange lanterns asking the various Children for help, and those selected by the lanterns were then led to a strange new land. A Nexus realm without time that had an artificial sun giving it light. The Fire of House Ember gave warmth and sustenance to the plants and the Tree of House Zander, and the Waters of House Lauren let everything grow. The last place you would expect to find a Missing House and Element. The last place you’d expect the Unweaver had worked an evil spell through his second in command.

The Gathered stories worked hard to uncover the secrets of Flambois, discovered the lost House named after Junction, and healed those they could from the curse. The final battle took place in Junction, where the realm itself rose in battle beside the Fairelanders to defeat the evil Witch that cursed the land, and put an end to the Shadows of the Unweaver. We raised 1.77 million lindens altogether, at the time of this writing, and 9.8 million lindens for the past 10 stories combined! This is an impressive feat for storytelling.

The evil spy network that forced the Guardians and Children into the spotlight 10 stories before were now gone and a sigh of relief taken. But the question is, what do we do now? How do we continue or top what we did this year with our story? There was even talk that this might be our very last year.

To give you all a few answers about the future: The Children of Stories will return with the Fairelands next year, but will begin a new Volume of Tales. There are some old faces we will never see again as their volume has closed. Will we see the Guardians and Weasels again? I believe we will, but only time will be able to tell. We will find New Enemies, new friends, and new Fairelands to explore that much is certain. More than that, there are secret whispers that there may be a region dedicated to roleplay!

As for the next iteration of the Children? I have no special ability to forsee such things. However I have heard rumors about castles and dwarves, perhaps some Knights. A Code? Wild rumors will never cease, but we hope to see everyone return when the Mists part and Junction brings new Fairelands forward.

A final note to everyone….the tale we hoped to tell fit within the Mythos of the Faireland and Faire alike, and what a tale it was to live. We welcomed all who wanted to play a part and add to the organizedish chaos that is roleplay at the Faire. Next year, as always, you can be as welcome to join us as every other year. If you want to read the previous years, you can start at this link and check the links to the previous years roleplay. You can also read the Daily Updates to follow along with what happened this year. Thank you for taking the time to catch up with us once again.

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