Daily Recap: LAST

Also known as Daily Recap: Nothing Happened, or Daily Recap: Staff Meeting About Pawlice Unmentionables Colours for Next Year, or even Daily Recap: Extra Day, May 8th, but let’s not be dull.

Fantasy Faire stayed open to public one extra day and the Fairelanders got to see what happens ATA, After The Auction. Giraffes run amok, skies turn pink and groovy, water slides appear out of Elizabeth’s pockets like magic, and neon is the new canon Faire palette. I mean, that is what some people might have hallucinated about due to sleep deprivation (or mushroom influence), but in reality, nothing happened! Nothing happened for ten whole hours!

Today after waking up and locating the nearest kitchen whirlygig gizmo providing caffeine, the Faire mail reached the paws of the Fairelanders.

The Mists Approach

The Fairelands are now closed and preparing for their return to the Mists. Thank you all for being a part of the 15th Age of the Faire! We laughed, cried, and loved. We shopped, adventured, and partied. We restored the heart of Nova Nadiya and rejoiced as the Children of Stories defeated the Witch and broke the Shadow Curse. We also raised our 15 year Faire total in support of the global programs of the American Cancer Society to over 750,000usd! Congratulations to you all!

With Love until 2024,

Somewhere out there, the Life Before Faire is calling. Somewhere out there, the Fairelands of 2024 are beginning to take form in the shape of dreams. They will return. Return and welcome you all back home.

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