Fairetime Announcement

Somewhere amidst the snow and frost appeared the first voice of spring: small announcement, just a frame for time, a promise. The Fairelands will return. The portals will open on Thursday, April 20th and stay open through Sunday, May 7th.

It is time for the Fairelanders to mark their calendars, begin their countdown clockworks and let the busy work of countless paws, hooves, hands and fins begin. It is time to build the fifteenth Fantasy Faire!

Sponsor & merchant applications will open some time mid-February, and blogger applications will open on March 20th, always exactly one month before the Faire opens.

If you enjoy company while counting down the days, feel free to join our inworld group or Discord. Or both! Fantasy Faire Fans in Discord: https://discord.gg/cxN5NEzBe5 — inworld group copy-paste for SL viewers: secondlife:///app/group/7eb1b08b-1b3e-fdfa-1ad6-252c779e1b8b/about

It is a new year, fellow Fairelanders. A new year following many challenging ones. Take heart, collect courage from each other, and journey together toward the spring, and the arrival of the new Fairelands!

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