One first chance and one Last

After a quiet start of this last week of the Fantasy Faire we are starting the Entertainment at Sunken Honey off Slowly. Two shows only for today, one a last chance to see this faire and one first chance to see. Both groups are familiar to the faire performances from previous years.

First up is Alchemelic at 9am and doob and Kalyca will do their final performance of this years show “Fantasy Frontier”. This is a very colorful show of dance, particles and doobs own musical compositions. A wonderfully happy way to start your Faire-day!

Alchemelic Vapours & Vipers

Then at noon we are happy to finally welcome InMotion back. With a group of talented choreographers on their team, the”InMotion Fantasy Show” is sure to be excellent entertainment for you all.
So come join the fun at Sunken Honey!

Today at the Arts & Entertainment Region:

9am – Alchemelic

Noon – InMotion

Meet us at Sunken Honey

For more info about this years Performers, program and more, please look at the following links:

Performance Groups

Performance Program

Performance Credits

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