Meet Our Sponsors: Jinx

Julala Demina 2022
Julala Demina of Jinx, the sponsor and co-world builder of Necturn Moon

Julala Demina, the creator and owner of Jinx, is sponsoring Necturn Moon, the Faireland she and Lil Cinnamon built. She speaks of the region, reveals tie-ins to the roleplay in Centauria, showcases the new Follytaur and reminds the Fairelanders of the upcoming Centaur Parade!

You have been a sponsor for many years, but this is your first Faireland. How did the building process go? Did anything surprise you? What made you decide to become both a world builder and a sponsor for your region?

I felt it was a great honour to be asked to build a region for Fantasy Faire – something one can only say yes to! The building process went very smoothly actually – Lil and I work very well together and make a great team so we started with an idea and then started building elements to go with that idea, and then brought it all together to form Necturn Moon. I think we’ve learned a lot from the process and we’re already having ideas in case we’re asked again!

If I have the opportunity to sponsor at Fantasy Faire, I do. It’s a great cause and honestly it’s a privilege for me to sponsor a region. I’m a survivor myself and I lost my Dad to cancer over a decade ago, so it’s important for me to contribute as much as I can.

Necturn Moon - picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou) (3)

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

Follytaur! This year Jinx is bringing a new taur to the field in the form of Follytaur and Follytaur Teeny – a foal-inspired shape of taur but that also will lend itself to be a great cervitaur or kirintaur. It’s light and fine and works with a variety of human bodies!

Also some cute dungarees for the centaurs, which some of you may have seen at the Jail & Bail on Necturn Moon earlier.

And we couldn’t have a great event like Fantasy Faire without bringing some new Jinx Collectibles to the table. Collectibles are a new concept I developed for Jinx when Gachas were phased out. They’re transferable and can also be exchanged for copy versions should people wish to keep them forever. The Necturn Moon Collectible Stags will be available at the Faire and then in-store ONLY until the end of May. Once they’re no longer available of course their value goes up so a great investment too!

Do you have a favourite Faire memory? What kind of plans do you have for this year’s Faire, what do you want to do?

My fav memory was Fantasy Faire 2016, on Kayle’s Breeze region, after I had set up my store, I spent some time listening to Fantasy Faire Radio and just exploring and having fun on the regions… just seemed so magical and I’ll never forget the feels of that time. As time goes on I seem to have less and less time to grasp those moments so I am very grateful for the memories.

This year, we’ve got a lot going on at the Faire. I somehow got Jailed already, which was completely unjustified and made-up fake charges…..”too much woot!” pffft, how can that be a crime! We’ve had the roleplay Riverside Market, which was super fun and we always enjoy at our fortnightly market at home throughout the year. It’s really great to have more people and new friends to join in and enjoy the bustling market atmosphere.

On 29th we had our performance “A Centaurian Tale”, which we hope everyone enjoyed. And of course, on the 4th May we have the Centaur Parade! Welcoming all taurs to come dance, take photos and to run free together through the Fairelands!

Tell us of Necturn Moon. What sparked its birth, what is its inspiration? Does it have lore, secrets, stories? 

When I was asked to build a Faireland I knew I had to have Lil there working on it with me. We put together a Pinterest for ideas and literally just through every and all ideas into it. Then we went through and picked some favorite ideas and themes…..and we came up with Necturn Moon, with the orbs and roots as the inspiration points.

Syaoran Aluveaux did a lovely walk-through of Necturn Moon and posted on Youtube – I think it captures how we envisaged Necturn Moon.

There are so many wonderful pictures that visitors to Necturn Moon have taken so I decided to curate them into a Gallery

We’ve currently got a roleplay storyline going on at the Ancient Order of Centaurs and we wanted to also link the region with that. In our storyline we currently have a cursed jackalope trapped in a magical cage (he’s actually there on Centauria… been trapped for a couple weeks now). Our Roonwit mages and shamans are working on ideas for breaking the curse and Lil came up with a link to the orbs of Necturn moon having healing properties for breaking the darkest of curses. So we’ll be using that as part of the storyline to free Hopping Jack from his Unseely Fae curse!

Thank you, Julala, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you Julala and Lil Cinnamon for bringing this amazing Faireland to us!

Necturn Moon - picture by Sachi (Vix Zhou) (2)

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