The Live Auction had left the waves of Paer Thura in a mess. There was flopsid buses, stray Nuu lunches, amok chikins loose and Junction knows what else. The Critter Cleaning Crew was certainly kept busy!

Extra leftover noms were safely gathered in quickly filling tummies, Paer Thura centaurs curled down for a nap after all the excitement, and one industrious smol critter tower of one critter on top of the other was wheelbarrowing cushions back to the flopsi pile when one stray leaflet fell to the ground, having been securely hidden under the pillow of Her High Faireness herself.

Another critter found it and decided Paer Thura was certainly clean enough by now, and devoted herself into the higher arts of plane making. It took at least five critter towers to get the paper plane high enough to throw (causing all the towers to collapse-splash into the water), but eventually it flew allover the Fairelands, spreading vitally important message about dinkie litterboxes and glowsticks.

And the critters? They changed into a dinkini (just one for a whole pack of critters) and went to a party!

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