Live Auction Today at Noon SLT

Today is the day when wallets cry, for it’s the Live Auction of Fantasy Faire 2021! There’s pieces of this year’s Fairelands available for your bidding pleasure: region landmarks that we came to love, build sets to have an almost-Faireland of your own, sculptures, buses, chickens, we have it all!

Bidding in the Live Auction happens through SL text chat. You listen to the auctioneer, Her High Faireness Elizabeth Tinsley, on Live Voice and text-shouts your bids in response. If you are not at the region, you can listen to the Auction on Fantasy Faire Radio’s stream and bid by proxy by IMing your bids to Elayne Diavolo and OldeSoul Resident.

It is by far the biggest, wildest and most dramatic event of any during Fantasy Faire. The Live Auction features exclusive, iconic elements of the Faire itself being offered up to highest bidder, and when we say highest we mean it. The competition will be fierce to walk away with items as small as a gemstone and as large as an entire region!

Her High Faireness, Elizabeth Tinsley will be your host for this thrilling conclusion to the Faire’s official programming. It will be packed, but not to worry! If you can’t get to Paer Thura you can still listen in on Fantasy Faire Radio. Proxy bids are welcome, and we’ll give you more information about that as we get closer to the big day.

And even if – like us – your pockets aren’t deep enough to keep up with the high rollers there will be lots of other good reasons to attend. Not the least of which being that it makes for one amazing show!

Fantasy Faire Live Auction 2021 takes place on Sunday, May 9th, starting at NOON SLT in Paer Thura.

Some previews of what will be available, details of each will be of course explained at the Auction:

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