Wandering Chickens Gacha

Silas Merlin, one of the world builders of Paer Thura, has been hiding chickens throughout the Fairelands. Why? Because the International Poultry Association declared that the flamingos have had their spotlight for too long, and chickens can share some of the winged attention!

The hidden chickens cannot be interacted with, although they are fun to search and find, but fortunately they have all been herded into a gacha for convenient fowl acquisition!

Edit: there is now an additional chicken in A’Dracunas! Find it and you can get that one for free!

The gacha can be found in several locations, including the FaireChylde and Silent Auction, so it’s easy to get your very own Fairelands Farm started!

Speaking of Silent Auction, it ends tomorrow, Saturday May 8th, at NOON SLT! So while you’re fetching chickens, remember to check your bids in The Dark Awakening! In fact, Silent Auction has MORE chickens for your bidding pleasure, in addition to ~Libertine~ eggs, and much more! (There is no proof which was really first though, the chicken or the egg.) Remember also to pick up a free low lag avatar by PaperFriends from the Silent Auction area, and note that there’s a custom made one up for bidding!

Silent Auction Previews

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