Recap: Patch Linden’s Jail & Bail

This year Patch Linden managed to evade the Long Paw of Law a whole week extra, but finally the Fairelands Watch caught him and brought him to the Absolutely Fair(e) Justice!

He was thrown into the most secure of prisons, right into the belly of the beast. (His name is Nuu, and he is adorable.) Then it was up to Patch and his Elite Skills in Bribing the Fairelanders to free himself before either stomach acids or the unweavlings would get him!

Patch did his best and the Fairelanders were able to have bid wars on such things as naming new Linden Home regions, personal name changes, a parcel in an upcoming Linden Home region (with region naming rights), a year of Premium and selfie with Patch, creating a new surname for next round of new surnames (with a free name change), and then the biggest one of them all: a full region for three months one can continue owning afterwards with grandfathered tier.

Needless to say that after all these bribes and bid wars, Patch was freed in a nick of time and the RFL kiosk for denying Nuu his snacktime went to 1,752,500 linden dollars, that is over one million and seven hundred thousand lindens. This pushed the Faire’s totals easily near 17 millions, which is by now indeed already reached. 

Fantasy Faire 2021 has relayed 17,013,402 linden dollars (68,053 USD) by the end of fifteenth Faire day. Amazing job, Fairelanders!

PS: We’re not done yet! Auctions are coming up this weekend, and there’s still plenty of shopping and questing and exploring and even some events to do!


One thought on “Recap: Patch Linden’s Jail & Bail”

  1. 1.7 Million! New records again! We’re going to have to keep saying that as I hope we hit past 19 Mil this year by auction! YAY!!

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