The Jail & Bail of Patch Linden

Fairelands Sheriff logo blue - ck fp ver

Patch Linden in Jail in Featherfall

Thursday May 6th, 1–3 PM SLT 

Oh, it is ON, ya’ll!

Our friends and fellow Fairelanders at the Lab are some of the most supportive people who make the Faire possible each year. So, naturally we have the most stalwart of them, Patch Linden arrested for your amusement! Yeah, see this is why we can’t have nice things…

In addition to being good sports, they also always bring goodies and temptations in a sack as big as a whole sim – Region! Not sim! We say Region now. Sorry, Patch!

Uplift to the Cloud with us as the Fairelands Watch proves once more that their reach knows no bounds!

Join us along with DJ DaveOSaurus in Featherfall!

When the region fills up, the overflow locations are in the Wandering Woods and Isles of Tarrin.

Listen to the Fantasy Faire Radio Promo

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