Blogger Highlights II

We’re on our twelfth Faire day, and our bloggers have been busy! For easy visual pretty pictures browsing one can see their work either in our flickr-group, or in the #blogposts channel in Fantasy Faire Fans discord server. For more detailed checking of which store was blogged where, I recommend going here.

It is impossible to feature all of their work, but I wanted to showcase one of my favourite forms of blogging: creating characters matching the Fairelands. In these pictures the bloggers have used Faire review copies to make a look perfect for a Faireland, and then took pictures there, creating stories in pictures.

In the Forests of Valhall
Magnolia Masquerade (janainadouarte) created a soft view of Frigg, Odin’s wife, wandering the forests of Valhalla.

Sugah Pancake poses in J’adoube, looking like a chess piece come alive herself.

Citadel Of The Dreamer
Tamarind Silverfall matches the colour scheme and mood of Somniatoris Arx, contemplating the fallen dreamer in the heart of the town.

You can see more blog posts and pictures in the report form, our flickr group, or in #blogposts channel of Fantasy Faire Fans Discord server:

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