Meet Our Sponsors: Jinx

Julala Demina
Julala Demina, the creator and owner of Jinx, sponsor of The Amethyst Rift.

Julala Demina, the owner and creator of Jinx, sponsors the Faireland of The Amethyst Rift. She talks about her growing centaur community, her love for the Faire, and how that creates wonderful events for Fairelanders to enjoy and join in!

You have sponsored Faire for many years, and your community can be seen galloping around the Fairelands in force. What makes you return every year?

It’s my fav event of the year so I couldn’t not return! Although I do seem to give myself harder targets to meet every year – always wanting to make things better and better for everyone to enjoy. It genuinely fills me with joy to see so many people wearing my stuff and enjoying it.

This year you have two Faire locations: Jinx store in The Amethyst Rift and Ancient Order of Centaurs in The Wandering Woods. Why is this? Tell us more about the Ancient Order of Centaurs.

The Ancient Order of Centaurs came about out of a simple discussion with some customers who expressed a desire for a “centaur club” and lots of customers asking where they could go and hangout as a centaur. We started out on a small parcel on a region, and then when the Jinx store moved to the Jinx region last year, the homestead I had rented for 10 years became the home of the AOC. A complex….and pretty long story later….we now have 4 full regions and we have a thriving and growing community who are a delight to have around. We party, we roleplay, we have classes, we help each other, and so much more. In fact if you didn’t see the Centauria Cheer Crew at Fantasy Faire on Monday, you missed a sight for sure! It’s on Youtube if you missed it:

In fact while you’re over at Youtube….why not check out the video about the Ancient Order of Centaurs from the Second Life Destination Guide!

What are you bringing to the Faire this year? 

My new Jinx brood this year seems to have a distinct feline flavour. The new Jinx Felitaur and the smaller Felitaur “Kiteeny” – like a centaur but a feline body instead of a horse. Plus we have Tigers! Animesh props and companions and rideables! Of course, all the critters I’ve given birth to over the year will also be there. Oh, and for those who have enjoyed the Jinx Ickles over the years…..they are turning into Ickle “Upsies” – two-legged versions, with a couple goaties as a starter for the RfL vendors.

What do you plan to do this Faire?

Well, I always enjoy taking photos of the Fairelands – I am so in awe of the world builders I take great pleasure in capturing some of what they’ve brought to us every year. I am going to be shaking my butt with the Centauria Cheer Crew, we’re having a roleplay market (something we weekly at our own regions) on Thursday 29th at 11am on The Wandering Woods, a wiggle party to welcome new centaurs, felitaurs, fauns, creatures and everyone else on 5th May at 1pm on Wandering Woods! And of course – we must not forget the Centaur Parade, something we’ve come to absolutely love doing – that will be on the 8th May at 1pm. Please do come see us, we’d love to see everyone 🙂

Thank you, Julala, for taking the time to chat with us. Thank you for sponsoring the return of the Fairelands!

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